Important Things you should Know about Proper Waste Management and Disposal 

Recycling and proper waste disposal campaigns have been around for many decades. Only a few residents and business owners have strongly implemented the required procedures for waste disposal. Start making improvements with your waste management. Simple things like segregating your waste can make a big difference.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

While this is one of the biggest steps to improving waste management, it can be a little challenging to stick to the principle. This involves lifestyle adjustment and several routine changes. Start evaluating the household items you use at home. Look for better alternatives for plastic, paper plates and cups, and polystyrene foam. For example, you can bring reusable bags when going to the store. This should minimize the use of plastic and paper bags.

In the workplace, you can focus on reducing paper consumption since this is the most visible and highest volume of waste products in the office. In today’s technological advancement, you can explore your options and switch to a “paperless” office.

You don’t necessarily have to switch to a totally paperless office, but you can start with simpler tasks such as using digital software to keep track of your employees’ attendance and weekly performance. You can also implement reusing of papers when printing handouts and other reference materials.

Implementation Recycling Program in the Office

Once you have figured out your system to reduce and reuse office resources, you can now move on to recycling. This is where strong leadership comes in. Recruit team members from each department, so it would be easier to implement the recycling program.

man throwing plastic bottle in recycling bin

Advice your maintenance crew to keep a record of the volume of waste over three days. Check the percentage of waste that can be recyclable. In some states, you can make money from the recyclables you collect. You can add this to your funds for your “go green project”.

Provide color-coded bins with labels so the custodial team can easily segregate the waste products. You may also invite guest speakers to educate everyone regarding the value of recycling and proper waste disposal. This is also to make sure everyone is on the same page with this campaign.

Industrial Waste

For businesses or companies involving chemical and hazardous waste products, you may need to hire a professional. Keep in mind that this could be a threat to public health and the environment. In the United States, all institutions disposing of hazardous waste should comply with the requirements of the Research Conversion and Recovery Act (RCRA). This includes automobile shops, dry cleaners, hospitals, exterminators, and photo processing centers.

For everyone’s safety, find an accredited hazardous waste collection agency in Utah. These professionals should help improve your waste management by establishing a strategize process for your waste disposal. At first, they need to conduct a thorough inspection to determine the best facility for waste management. They may also conduct a thorough inspection within the premises to locate the best or safest area to store the waste products temporarily.

Part of their services is to provide the materials you need for this campaign. This includes secured hazardous waste bins, safety masks and gloves for your custodial team, recommended cleaning products, and many more.

These are just some of the things you should know about proper waste management and disposal. Again, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Start making big changes now!

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