Business Risk Management: Fight Fire with Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Have you ever been trapped in a building because of a raging fire? Hopefully, you will never experience that situation — gulping for air and trying to see through all the smoke and flames.

Each year, Australian fire agencies attend to over 101,000 fire-related incidents. This is a startling number and what makes it worse is that without the necessary fire protection equipment, your business could be the next to suffer the often dire consequences of a blaze in your office building. A commercial property fire will not only threaten the operations and assets of your company, but it can also take away the precious lives of your employees. This is why it’s imperative for you to install fire safety management tools, including automatic fire sprinkler systems.

What is a fire sprinkler system?

An automatic fire sprinkler system is an extinguishing system that supplies and distributes water. It is designed, built and installed according to specific fire design codes and standards, usually based on the applicable fire risks of the concerned area. Fire sprinkler systems are usually found in large office buildings, hotels, warehouses and manufacturing industries. The McGowan Government also requires sprinklers in high-risk buildings that use combustible material on their building facades.

An automatic sprinkler’s system comprises of water supply pipework with reliable polyethylene pipe fittings and a network of sprinkler heads that activate during a fire. As soon as the sensors on the sprinkler system pick up heat from the flames, the sprinkler heads release water, helping extinguish the fire beneath it. While the sprinklers don’t always put out large fires, they are still effective at reducing the overall damage before firefighters and rescue teams arrive.

Water supplies can come from independent water tanks, municipal or public water supply for small installations and fire pumps for larger installations.

Advantages of automatic fire sprinkler systems

fire sprinkler inside the officeAs they say, prevention is better than cure. Having a functioning fire prevention plan is essential to safely running a business. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits of installing an automatic fire sprinkler system at your commercial establishment.

  • Reduce property damage – When the fire department sprays high-pressure water into your facility, it can cause extensive amounts of damage to the structure and visual appeal of your establishment. Fire sprinkler systems only use a minimal amount of water compared to fire engine hoses, meaning less damage to your equipment and furniture.
  • Save lives – Fire sprinklers help eliminate the possibility of people becoming trapped in a property. Even without a clear fire exit, sprinklers create a path so that people can escape safely. They also immediately alert people when a fire breaks out, informing them that they need to quickly exit the building.
  • Minimal maintenance – Most types of fire sprinkler systems require little maintenance and continue running smoothly simply with annual maintenance checks. Sprinklers that are well-maintained can last up to 20 years before needing replacements or major repairs and upgrades.

Automatic fire sprinkler systems are often the first line of defence against fires and smoke, giving people adequate time to safely escape any danger. By having sprinklers installed along with traditional alert methods such as smoke alarms, you’ll protect both your property and the people in it.

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