Good at Organization? What Businesses You Can Start

  • Good organizational skills can lead to tremendous success as they help improve efficiency, reduce stress levels, save money, make better decisions and increase productivity.
  • Event planning is a lucrative business opportunity that requires people to be organized and can manage resources efficiently.
  • Public speaking and workshops can provide an excellent opportunity for organizers to share their knowledge with a broader audience.
  • Home organization services assist clients by providing storage solutions, decluttering, organizing, and tidying their homes.
  • Virtual assistant services provide administrative support to busy professionals and entrepreneurs, such as content creation, social media management, website design, and development.

Organization is a vital skill for any individual, as it plays a significant role in achieving success. People who are organized tend to be more productive and develop better relationships with their peers. One must find effective ways of managing time, tasks, and resources to get organized. Good organizational skills can help improve efficiency, reduce stress levels, save money, make better decisions and increase productivity.

There have been numerous studies conducted on the correlation between organization and success. The results indicate that organized people are more likely to accomplish their goals than those not structured in their thinking or approaches. The Harvard Business Review study found that employees with excellent organizational skills were 33% more likely to be promoted to higher positions than their less-organized counterparts. This is because organizations value employees who can effectively manage their workloads and strategically utilize resources.

If you are organized, you have the extra talent that other people want. Fortunately, you can help them and even profit from it. Here are a few businesses you can start with your organizing skills.

Event Planning

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Organizing an event can be challenging but is also a lucrative business opportunity. Circumstances require careful planning and coordination of resources to ensure everything goes according to plan. Successful event organizers must be able to identify their target audience and anticipate potential issues or problems that could arise during the event. Additionally, they must consider logistical details such as venue selection, catering options, seating arrangements, decorations, entertainment options, and other necessary items to create an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

The challenge of organizing an event does not come without rewards. A successful event planner can provide substantial financial returns for their clients by providing services such as creating marketing plans, managing budgets, and vendors, coordinating transportation logistics, and more. Here are a few events where you can excel at:


Weddings are a popular planned event and can be a highly lucrative business opportunity. Wedding planners must have excellent organizational skills as they juggle numerous tasks such as booking venues, selecting flowers, arranging catering services, coordinating the entertainment schedule, and more.

Corporate Events

Corporate events encompass everything from conferences to company retreats and annual meetings. Event planners must arrange logistics such as venue selection, lodging arrangements, transportation services, meals, activities, decorations, and other items for corporate clients.

Concerts & Music Festivals

Concerts are very complex events that require an experienced organizer who can make sure all elements of the show run smoothly to ensure the audience has an unforgettable experience. Organizers must coordinate vendors, sound engineers, stage managers, and other personnel while creating a production schedule that allows the event to go off without a hitch.

Public Speaking & Workshops

Public speaking and workshops are excellent ways for organizers to share their knowledge and expertise with a broader audience. Event organizers must be able to communicate effectively, set up materials needed for the presentation, create handouts, arrange seating arrangements, and manage the overall flow of the event.

Home Organization Services

Home organization services assist clients who need help decluttering, organizing, and tidying up their homes. Professional home organizers must have excellent organizational skills to assess the client’s needs, provide solutions to maximize space efficiency, recommend storage solutions, and safely dispose of unwanted items. Additionally, most professional home organizers offer decoration and design advice to complete the transformation.

You can also help homeowners add storage solutions by starting a retail company for storage solutions. You can partner with a company that provides wire-forming services to manufacture and sell your products.

Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual assistant services provide administrative support to busy professionals and entrepreneurs. A virtual assistant must have good organizational skills to manage calendars, create spreadsheets and lists, schedule appointments, book travel arrangements, create presentations, and perform other similar tasks.

Virtual assistants can also offer specialized services such as content creation, social media management, website design and development, graphic design, customer service support, and more. By starting your own virtual assistant business, you can help clients with multiple tasks while earning a good income for yourself.

Final Thoughts

As an organized individual, you have the skills to take on any of these challenges and make a success out of them. With the right attitude and commitment, you can start your own business in no time. It is always essential to research the market and understand its dynamics before making any decisions. Also, please consult experts and professionals within the industry who can provide guidance and support as you progress. With a bit of hard work and dedication, you can build a successful business with your organizing skills.

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