Improve Your Harvest with These 3 Essential Tips

Farming, like any other undertakings, requires significant time, care, and effort to ensure that one yields the harvest they anticipate. Consumers today are more knowledgeable, and they seek value for their money in every purchase they make. Farmers are, therefore, tasked with ensuring that they are diligent in their duties, employing the relevant skills and resources required to yield a healthy basket. Every activity undertaken in farming directly affects the produce and can be used to predict whether or not the produce will be worthwhile. This means that to a large per cent, the power of a great harvest lies in the hands of the farmer. Hence, one can choose to do the right thing or seek quick payday. However, either way, they literally reap what they sow at the end of the day.

Weed control

Every farmer agrees that weeds are a farming nuisance since they sprout overnight, growing alongside one’s seeds and depriving them of nutrients. Control measures such as the use of farm spray machines can somehow grant the farmer peace of mind, knowing they can address the issue at any given time. Soil preparation may at times require the use of pesticides due to the heavy weed growth cover. This makes it easier to pull out the weeds having dried up, thus shortening the time it would otherwise take to prepare the land.

Digging and planting

After the weeding, tractors are employed to dig through the farms. This involves the preparation of rows of the desired width and gapping having considered the plants’ nature to produce. Planting then follows where several seeds are placed into the rows or holes. The tractors are then used to push back the soil covering the seeds awaiting germination.

This is a long and tiresome process that requires care and caution. Quality seeds have to be selected—a factor that contributes toward the nature of one’s harvest from the onset. Considering the different nutrients needed by different plants, crop rotation from season to season is advisable. This ensures that particular nutrients are not exhausted in the soil due to overconsumption by one crop. Nutrients deficiency results in unhealthy harvests, which have fewer benefits to the body.


gardener pruning old tree with pruning shears

Once sprouting begins, weeds tend to grow alongside the crops, further depleting their nutrients pool. Pruning is then undertaken several times during the growing period with pruning being the main methodology. Care should, however, be taken to ensure the seedlings are not pulled out or pruned accidentally as weeds.

It is advisable that the weeds be allowed to grow to a height where differentiation between the crops and weeds are noticeable. This way, accidental pruning is eliminated, and the harvest is unaffected by human interference.

Food is the source of energy for our body; without which, our level of productivity is entirely affected. Everybody needs a healthy meal that is full of all the essential nutrients guaranteed by the farming process undertaken. Therefore, farmers should be honest in their undertaking to ensure that they sell only quality produce.

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