The Purpose of Colour in Business

Many people tend to believe that deciding on the colour scheme of the logo, the website, and even the office’s interior design is just a minor task in the entirety of business development. They may even think that concerning ourselves with the colour too much is a shallow waste of time. But that’s not true at all. Here’s how the right colour scheme impacts your business.

Daily Operations

Colour matters very much in your business’s operations. For example, in a factory, the colour-coding of the workers’ uniforms will help managers and supervisors keep track of their workers. With just a glance, they’ll be able to know in which department a certain worker belongs to. Say your company is in the tech business and is creating computers. You’ll know right away if a person works in manufacturing the hardware, developing the software, or other departments in your company.

More than that, colour is instrumental in construction sites. Workers are advised to wear high visibility or hi-vis vests while on the job. These vests are designed with very bright neon colours such as green and orange. These are important because the brightly coloured vests make it easier for people to spot the workers even from a distance. In places such as construction sites, it’s always important to keep track of where everyone is in the name of safety.

person holding logo design ideas

Branding and Marketing

The colour scheme of a logo has the capacity to build the identity of the company. If your company’s logo and color are right, you will catch the interest of their target market. Thus, you’ll be well on your way to having a successful company.

Each colour gives off certain impressions. As such, each one is also popular in certain industries. So when you decide on the colour scheme of your company, you’ll need to identify first what energy and feeling you want your company to give off. If your company is in the food industry, you might want your logo to embody the feelings of optimism, warmth, and liveliness. If so, then consider using the colour yellow. If your business is dedicated to eco-friendliness, then the obvious colour for you is green. It’s the colour of nature, and it gives off feelings of relaxation and harmony.

Business Presentations

With the popularity of remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve become accustomed to conducting business presentations online. Most, if not all, presentations’ visuals solely rely on PowerPoint or Google Slides presentations now. Gone are the days when the presenter would also have to be mindful of how they look and talk in front of their audience as they present their piece.

Because of this, our visual presentations became even more important. So the colours also play an important role in keeping your audience engaged. Studies have found that the colour green, which is seen as warm, helps the audience feel at ease. As a result, they’re more likely to be engaged and interactive during the presentation. Red is also known to capture the attention of the audience. But mostly because it gives off a feeling of excitement.

Contrary to popular belief, colour is actually an essential aspect of your business. It helps your employees with their day-to-day operations. It helps build your company’s identity. And it helps your company resonate with your target market.
This is why artists and designers hold colour in high regard. It’s one of the most crucial things that they have to decide upon. And it’s because it could affect their overall work. So it would be highly beneficial to you if you also treat colour the same way.

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