Tips for Picking the Best Cookie Depositor for Your Bakery

With over ten million tonnes of cookies consumed in the U.S. alone annually, the baking industry is one of the most profitable for you to invest in today. However, it takes more than a baking passion and the best recipes to break even in your business. The essential element that determines your bakery’s success is the right equipment. One of the key types of equipment you will need is a cookie depositor.

A tabletop depositor saves you on the time and energy needed to work your dough into different shapes and designs. When equipped with a die, the depositor can cut through very hard dough, especially that with big pieces of chocolates and almonds. Picking a cookie depositor for your business is, however, no easy task. The following are some tips to ease your decision making.

Know Your Alternatives

There are three main types of cookie depositors: drop, rotary molder, and wire-cut depositors. Drop cookie depositors are sometimes called spritz machines. They deposit cookie dough in round shapes. Wire-cut depositors extrude the cookie dough through pre-formed molds and then cut it to your desired thickness using a wire. Rotary molder depositors are suitable for stamped cookies such as shortbread biscuits, while the less popular fluid depositors work for muffins, sheet cakes, and cupcakes.

Opt For Flexible Machines

After deciding on the types of cookies you want to start with in your bakery, consider your future capabilities. Remember that food trends are ever-changing, so keeping up is essential. As such, opt for a depositor that is flexible and will accordingly suit your future baking needs. Get a depositor that can process both soft and hard dough a well as batter and fluid dough.

Maximize Your Use of Space

Bakery with display counterA tabletop cookie dispenser works best for those with minimal space in their kitchens. The depositor, however, sacrifices your operation’s speed. If you have abundant kitchen space, go for a standalone depositor. Though it will take considerable space, the machine can have several attachments to ease your cookie production further. Conveyor systems, for instance, to load your baking trays on the machine will prove a worthy attachment to hasten your speed.

Consider Your Desired Production Capacity

When starting, you might produce about 1,000 cookies a day, but with time, your production will increase. If you have a large machine, you will have to deal with energy and time wastage, while a very small one results in quality loss and frequent equipment breakdown. To ensure that you pick the right depositor for your production capacity, talk to an equipment expert.

If your bakery is already running and you are looking to add diversity to your production, a cookie depositor will help you achieve this. Though it might require a substantial upfront investment, the returns are guaranteed and worth it. This is because it will boost your cookies’ quality and increase the rate of your production while minimizing labor costs. A cookie depositor along with different attachments is hence the best investment for bakeries aiming for profits.

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