Types of Loaders for the Construction Sector

With the current boom in the construction industry, a loader seems to be a good investment. However, people on a tight budget may be apprehensive because of the high costs of these machines. Some units of heavy machinery might be initially expensive, and you also need to be wary of poorly made ones that may break within a few months of use. On the other hand, there are several companies that stock used machinery and keep them optimal while charging renters with only a fraction of the price of acquiring new ones.

Whether you are looking for excavators, rollers, trailers, trenchers, trucks or diggers for sale in NZ, be sure to get one that suits your price range and needs. One of the essentials of a construction project is a loader. This is used for hauling mud, rocks, dirt and other debris before transporting and dumping them out of a site. The following are the common types of loaders most construction sites will need.

Backhoe Loader

This is the most popular type of loader due to its precise control and small frame that make it suitable for even the smallest of construction sites. Backhoe loaders can be used with grapples, stump grinders, hammers and buckets as their attachments. The bucket moves heavy items across your job site and piles them elsewhere. The breaker is a sharp and straight metal tool that breaks hard materials and moves the debris as needed. The stump grinder and grapple attachments are used to clear land and move branches from your site.

Skid Steer

This type of loader can be used with the most attachments. Unlike most loaders, a skid steer has wheels that improve mobility across rough and uneven ground. Also known as a compact utility loader, the mini skid steer loader weighs 2200lbs and can be used for cleaning, trenching, landscaping, ground levelling and digging holes. Its small frame makes it ideal for small construction sites. The standard skid steer loader weighs about 36000 to 70000lbs. It is suitable for debris removal, levelling, site preparation, landscaping and transporting heavy materials.

Wheel Loader

wheel loader

These are also called front-end or bucket loaders. They are versatile and have large capacities. Wheel loaders suffice for preparing construction sites, carrying heavy loads, building roads and moving materials. Newer machines have advanced drivetrain technology which improves their toughness and durability when used for heavy-duty jobs. This wheel loader’s arm moves up and down, making it easy to lift and dump the contents of its bucket.


This is a tractor with an attached blade on the front mainly used for clearing construction sites and moving debris. Dozers have large tracks that move on all kinds of terrain without slipping. These tracks also aid in the dozer’s weight distribution and decrease its pressure on the soil. You can opt for mini, wheeled or crawler dozers for your construction site.

To boost the durability of the different types of loaders, you should follow the instructions provided by manufacturers. Most of them, for instance, recommend letting your loader‘s engine warm for not fewer than ten minutes after starting it. This enhances the lubrication of the parts of the machine’s engine.

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