Types of Metal Supermarket Shelves

In-store point of sale (POS) refers to all the marketing efforts in your supermarket designed to make your shoppers pay attention to your products and make a purchase. All your marketing efforts ultimately lead to this point. As such, it is vital to have your store laid out well to maximize your sales.

The key element which determines the volume of your sales is how you display the goods in your store. Shelves are the best choice for the display of many products while maximizing your store’s floor space. The material options for your supermarket shelf rack are vast.

Metal is one of the best choices you have for your store. Metal shelves can handle considerable weight from your products and withstand a range of environmental factors. Here are the types of metal you can pick for your store’s display shelves.

Chrome-Plated Wire Units

This is a perfect choice for humid environments. As such they will suffice for businesses in coastal areas and for the display of heated and chilled products and items that are moisture-laden. Chrome wire shelves are generally vented to increase the ventilation and visibility of your products.

Epoxy-Coated Wire Shelves

Shelves made of epoxy-coated wire have a high resistance to water damage making them ideal in humid environments like walk-in coolers and moist storage units. There are different epoxy-coated wire shelving colours, but they all offer the same protection against corrosion.

The most common colours used in supermarket shelves are black and green. Green epoxy-coated wire is generally used for the display of groceries since it makes them look fresh. The black wire is primarily used throughout the store since it is subtle and allows your products to stand out.

Stainless Steel Units

This is among the most versatile and durable options for retail shelving. Stainless steel is naturally corrosion resistant, withstands rough use and can be used in both wet and dry storage. The material suits virtually all industries and products.

Polymer or Polypropylene Shelves

Man checking shelves

These units are highly corrosion-resistant and do not rust even in sea air or salt water. Shelves sold as polypropylene and polymer units are made of different types of metal then coated with a thick layer of polypropylene or polymer.

Other than corrosion-resistance the coating makes the shelves stronger than those made from regular metals and makes them dishwasher safe. It will hence be easy to keep your supermarket shelves clean and sanitized.

Anti-Microbial Shelves

These are made of different materials but include an extra anti-microbial layer built into them. This layer shields your shelving unit form fungi, mould, and bacteria, which can contaminate your products and generate an unpleasant odour. Anti-microbial shelves are hence generally used for displaying easily perishable products such as food and medication.

The creation and maintenance of efficient storage and display area for your business is a challenge more so for those with limited space. The above types of metal shelving units are the best guarantee to take your warehouse’s storage capacity and store’s product display to new heights.

The units have different mounting options. Stationary mounting posts are designed for storage and display while mobile ones allow the shifting of your shelves around your store and warehouse.

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