What Can You Do to Boost the Network Security of Your Brand?

Businesses, big or small, handle confidential data every single day. This does not only involve pertinent corporate information of your business itself but of your clients as well. If you’re not careful, a data security breach can happen and ruin your brand overnight. This is why investing in network security is a must no matter the type of business you’re running. Here’s what can you do to revamp your network security:

Establish secure backups

Having a reliable backup plan should already be a part of your IT tactics in fighting network threats. Get that peace of mind knowing that your data is saved and stored in a secured system, where you can immediately pull it up as needed. This is especially helpful in case someone or an incident has led to the deletion of your files. Make sure to store your backup data in a secure place away from your primary business location.

Avail of network security services

Reliable network security services allow you to improve data handling like a pro. With such services, you can be sure to maintain message authentication, confidentiality, integrity, non-reproduction, and user identification of entity authentication. This way, all entities are verified before they can access your files. All data transmitted is kept confidential. No intruder will be able to access or alter the information being sent and exchanged.

Don’t settle on easy password strategies

When it comes to personal passwords, we often think of those we can easily remember. But for businesses, one needs to be more creative and vigilant to maintain data security. Make sure to use complex passwords that you can change quarterly. A password manager can help you secure passwords and allow sharing without giving the log-in credentials. You can always add or delete individuals so that you’ll have a strict way of managing the people who have access to your files and data.

Take advantage of the latest software and firmware

When it’s time to update your software and firmware, don’t hesitate to do so as this adds a layer of protection to your network security. If you find that your network often gets rebooted or is working slower than usual, maybe it’s time for an update. This will allow you to patch your system with its vulnerabilities against new threats.

Encourage and enforce a strict security culture

Did you know that employee negligence accounts as one of the major causes of a data breach? This is why everyone who has access to business data needs to follow the security culture established by the brand. You can do this by reminding everyone never to share log-in information to anyone or save passwords on easy-to-find places. Some employees save their log-in information in their computers or write it on sticky notes.

Learn how to recognise phishing attempts

Data encryption

You may have updated software and firmware installed, but that doesn’t mean that bad guys can’t get a hold of the valuable information. To avoid such attempts, train your employees to recognise the difference between authentic and suspicious websites and phishing attempts. You wouldn’t want malware to infiltrate your network just because an employee has failed to recognise phishing attempts commonly used by hackers.

Don’t let careless data handling result in information breach, tarnished reputation, loss of clients, and revenue. Keep this list in mind to improve the security of your network asap.

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