Your Small Office Can Be Trendy, Too

The expansive floor area and the disposable budget are not the only essential factors at play when redesigning the office. Anyone can have a more trendy design if the focus is on the most impactful areas of the workplace. There is no need to throw away every single piece of furniture you have, and you don’t even need to expand the office.

Here’s what you should do if you’re on a budget but want to make your small office trendy:

Add Accents on the Walls

Paint is relatively cheap, which makes giving the walls a fresh coat an inexpensive option. However, if your walls are in the company’s colors, you might not want to change that to a different hue completely. What you can do instead is add geometric shapes on the corners or doorframes just to freshen up the look. Still too drastic for your liking? Position accent pieces by the unchanged walls instead, so that the decision can easily be undone if you don’t like it. Accent pieces can be plants, chalkboards, welcome LED signage, or even a refurbished cabinet.

Make Room for Standing Desks

That one corner in the room that is too narrow for cubicles can be turned into an area for standing desks. This allows you to make room for a couple of other people in the team, or it can also be an area where employees can go if they are bored in their workspaces. It’s easy enough to order office furniture online, from standing desks to the tall and slim stools that you want to keep on standby in case someone needs to sit. Though you’re making room for standing desks, it should be useful for other situations as well. Your new hires will thank you for giving them a cozy space while you figure out where to position them more permanently.

Turn the Wall into a Storage Solutempty office space

For homes, all the nooks and crannies can be converted into storage space if you’re clever enough. Though you might not need a laundry hamper hidden behind the pantry door, you could benefit from additional shelving on corners and walls. These can also personalize the space for your employees, as they can fill the shelves near them with everything they need within reach.

Leave Inspirational Messages

One of the trends you see in corporate spaces is the use of walls as a way to express the company’s personality or ideals. There’s a way to add a little fun to your workplace while encouraging employees to be more productive: inspirational stencil quotes on the walls. You don’t need to do this for every wall, and you certainly don’t have to do it in big, bold letters. One impactful but straightforward statement positioned perfectly can already hold so much power.

This year, use your office to the fullest. Even if you have little space, and even if your budget is small, you can find plenty of ways to improve with the times. Let your creativity flow.

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