Concentration and Convenience: the New Normal Will Be Hard for Students

When at school, kids get to concentrate on studies, hang out with friends, and get to try a ton of new things. These are the best things about school, what makes it worth paying for private education. There’s also the unspoken truth that children need to go to school as a part of just generally growing up. It helps them deal with things on their own, a valuable skill that will be useful far into their adult life.

So take that all away and put a kid at home to work. What exactly do you get? Convenience is kryptonite to children’s education because it will put them in a bubble. It’s just unfortunate that kids are being robbed of experience that will shape them, but you deal with the hand you’re given. The lockdown will last until the end of the year, at least. That’s for adults, though, and kids will have to wait a bit longer to get back to normal. So this challenge is on them, and you as parents, for at least a year. This might not be an ideal situation, but their education will have to continue even if they have to do it at home.

Books in the Living Room

The bed is about 10 feet away. The couch is 10 feet away. The kitchen is 10 feet away. The basketball court is a short walk. To say that the new normal is going to make it hard for students is an understatement. It’s going to put teachers to their edge too. No one’s been in this situation, so everybody’s figuring things out on the fly. Primary school, high school, or middle school, online schooling is a whole new game. The Philippines is a special example because middle school is relatively new in the country. The extra level is new to a lot of students, so being thrust into this new thing is going to be a pickle for them.

As parents, it’s crucial to encourage them. It’s easier now, but it’s harder too. So balance is essential. There’s a whole new routine that should be in your life that focuses mainly on the kids, while maintaining your sanity, too.


Explaining the Situation – Children are confused right now. They don’t know why they can’t play outside so much. They don’t understand why everyone is in the house. So they must understand what everyone is going through right now. Be calm and honest, so they’ll be calm and honest too.

Experience Things Together – Things could be worse, better, or the same for you. Whatever the case is, it’s paramount that you’re with your kid as they, and you, experience new things. There’s no stronger time to bond than time spent together. This can be a trying time, but navigate it well, and you’ll have a much closer relationship with your child.

Envelop Your Kids in Positivity – This new normal is a blank check to them, and even at home, things could get sour for your kid. They might not do well spending all the time indoors. This is why enveloping them with positivity is critical. Let them know that this is a temporary situation and life will go back to normal. It’s also important to instill kindness for other people in this trying time.

They might not know what’s happening right now, but children will remember. They’ll remember the highs and the lows, which is normal. But, as parents, the focal point is to keep your kids on the right path.

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