Plant Picks: Getting the Right Greens for Your Garden

Landscaping can be an extremely fun activity for many homeowners. It can be an enjoyable way to spruce up your garden while giving it a touch of your creativity at the same time. This activity involves a number of elements: stones, plants, and other striking garden features for accent.

But, among all of these, the most important part of your landscape supply in Salt Lake City is, of course, the plants. They’re not just for beautifying purposes; they also help create a fresh and healthy environment right in your backyard. So, before you start with your project, make sure you got the right picks.

It may not be easy at first, however. When landscape designers ask homeowners what they would want to have and see in their garden, more often than not, they will leave it to the pros. But, your choice of plants should be highly personal.

While working with professionals is beneficial, once their task is done, you’ll be left on your own to care for your garden and make sure it stays a certain way. Below, learn how to choosing the right plants to go in your landscape. This will help you make sure they don’t just look good, but can also thrive in your area.

The Right Color

The perfect place to start with plant selection is to have a preferred color scheme in mind. To make sure you get some color in your landscape design throughout the growing season, be careful in your selection, especially since most plants only bloom for a week or so, except for annuals.

Adding some foliage color will create a more dramatic effect on your overall design. It ranges from interesting shades of yellows and greens to even rich burgundies.

The Right Spot

Think about where you’re going to place all your chosen plants. Do you have enough space for all of them? If you want them in the front yard, consider your neighbors’ front yards and surroundings as well, so you can design yours in a way that accentuates theirs.

Doing this will allow you to create a front yard that either stands out or blends in beautifully. Go for plants that will highlight your home’s overall appeal, not cover your facade.

The Right Maintenance

Sprinkler watering the plants

This is an important part, especially when working with professionals. Their recommended plants might be a maintenance nightmare for you without careful planning.

If you’re a homeowner who enjoys the view of a beautifully landscaped garden but loathes the work that goes into keeping it that way, then natural plants are your best bet. They don’t require a lot of maintenance work.

These include cactus and shrubs like elderberries and huckleberries and even flowering plants such as black-eyed Susan, lupine, and Echinacea. While they may look pleasing when in full bloom, they may not thrive in your area’s climate and surroundings. So, be sure to check that, too.

Enjoy landscaping design with these guidelines. With a little bit of research and creativity, you’ll be able to create a garden design that’ll be the envy of your neighborhood.

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