Will Your Salary Increase with an IT Certification?

IT professionals with CompTIA Network+ certification may earn up to $74,000 depending on their job role and experience. Even those who want to switch into a tech career could have a higher entry-level salary than jobs in other industries.

This is one reason why millennials decide to begin a career in IT. If you gain certification and have less than one year of work experience in IT, your average salary per year may reach up to $45,200. Other factors such as your employer’s nature of business, location, and other skills will determine your actual compensation.

Why Industry Certification Matters

A CompTIA Network+ N10 007 practice test is necessary for anyone who aspires to become certified in computer networking skills. Network+ is a popular choice not only among tech professionals but also for non-IT workers because it doesn’t require several years of IT experience to become eligible for this exam.

It’s also widely recognized among different companies, such as Dell and HP. Those who want to try their luck in the U.S. Department of Defense will also need this as a technical skill. Since Network+ deals with the installation, management, and troubleshooting of different computer networks, you should at least have a basic understanding of Windows operating systems to ace this test.

Distinct Benefits of Network+

Employee fixing the network server roomOnce you pass the Network+ exam, this certificate proves that you are skilled and knowledgeable in different network components, including LAN and WAN networks. It also equips professionals with knowledge on network access and security, while being familiar with remote access technologies at the same time.

However, the most significant advantage of having this certification involves being qualified to pursue higher-level accreditation. For instance, Security+ requires anyone to have several years of work experience in IT before being eligible to take the test. Hence, Network+ is your best option to start your career path towards cybersecurity or other in-demand jobs.

Millennials Recognize a Thriving Industry

Aside from a higher starting salary, millennial workers have been transferring to the IT sector because of tolerable competition for current job vacancies. The shortage of skilled professionals in areas such as software development for mobile apps and information security.

However, the financial burden of paying off student loans arguably serves as the main reason behind their pursuit of tech careers. Some have avoided earning an entry-level salary by choosing a job role that’s closest to their work experience. For example, a professional with a background in finance can decide to apply for a data analyst position. Both jobs require careful analysis and interpretation of numbers and other information, and it’s up to you how you leverage your previous work experience and make it relevant to your desired job.

Whether you just on the brink of switching careers or a seasoned IT professional, pursuing certification improves your market value and competitive edge among your peers. Even if demand for tech workers steadily increase in the next several years, this won’t be beneficial when you fail to keep up with employers’ specific skill requirements.

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