How to Choose the Best Printer Supplies for Your Office

Looking to buy a new printer? Well, it can be a challenging task, but this video simplifies the process and makes it easy, even enjoyable. There are three types of printers: continuous ink, Inkjet, and laser printers. Each can be used in a home or office setting to print documents.

Laser printers are fast and efficient, just what’s needed to print clean documents and prepare compelling presentations. To print images, the Inkjet printer does a great job, but it can also effectively print out documents at home or in the office.

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For inexpensive full-color prints, the continuous ink printer is superb. It works like magic in places where constant printing is desired. These printers come with two years worth of ink, and since print speed is measured by the number of pages printed per minute (PPM), it makes sense to buy one that can print numerous pages per minute.

Other features to consider when purchasing a printer are Wi-Fi and USB connectivity to allow sharing and connection to a fixed location. An automatic document feeder and two-sided printing are other excellent features to consider.

For businesses, the ideal printers are those with multiple paper trays. Those for home use should have a single tray to save space. Most printers can print in A4, A3, and A1, so, flexibility on paper size is advised when shopping for a printer and printer supplies. For high-resolution images or text, get printers with a high DPI (dots per inch).

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