Quick Intro to Environmental Chamber Testing

Environmental chamber testing is a “cool” way to test all types of items to see the different ways they behave at extreme temperatures. This video by HighTechLab is an introduction to the new environmental chamber they’re installing out on their ranch. The team is excited about the testing possibilities, although as you’ll see in the video, the first challenge is getting it safely onto the truck!

This particular chamber utilizes a technique known as cascade refrigeration. In the video, you get to see the two main compressors in the base of the unit, plus a condenser.

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This tech allows environmental chamber testing at temperatures as cold as negative 50 degrees Celsius.

Other features include industrial-level insulation, plus 6-inch holes for easy access to cables and other connectors. For safe and accurate observation of tests, the unit also has a thickened glass pane on the front.

This unit will feature in plenty more videos in the future about these chambers, so industries familiar with these units should look out for those. Be sure to ask about how test batteries, inverters, and plenty of other devices work. Gaining a better understanding of how electronic components behave at these differing extremes of temperature is important. This helps improve products for everyone—no matter where in the world they are.


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