Starting a Pest Control Company

One of the most rewarding careers and in-demand industries is pest control. The steps below are required to start a pest exterminating company. If you have some form of education and experience in the industry, you can take the following steps to move forward.

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The first step is to generate a business plan. This plan should have your budget, and cash flow statement, along with the monthly costs, and your business name. Your next step is to move forward with your government documents. This means you’ll have to register with your Secretary of State in your home state, file your business with the IRS, and have your business established with a business license with your local government.

The next step after this is to start marketing your business online through social media and your website. Start creating an online presence that links back to your website, and plan to be active for a few minutes each day to generate an audience. Anything you post should have SEO practices and target keywords. The next step is to get your software access to both pest control software that works with clients and scheduling services, and to accounting software like Quickbooks. Depending on what your state requires for pest control licensing, you may need to take a couple of certifications and exams before you start your business.

After you’ve gone through these steps, you’re ready to move forward with the utility steps for your office, such as the internet and phone system for your business. You’ll also need to purchase equipment and a truck for your service to drive back and forth to customers’ homes. Finally, you’ll need to generate relationships with vendors for materials and products you need for your pest control jobs.

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