What a Brake Repair and Replacement Business Does

This brake repair guide shows you how to change your car’s brake rotors and pads. Get a flat-head screwdriver, ratchets and extensions, sockets, a breaker bar, and a torque wrench. Also, get yourself brake cleaner, grease, and a special glue to lock the threads together.

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This list wouldn’t be complete without new brake pads and rotors.


Once you’ve got everything, remove the old brake pads. You should find it easier to loosen a screw on the top of the caliper so that you can open it up. Then, clean the caliper and put the brake pads back in for a second.  Next, remove the caliper and the bracket that holds it. Doing so lets you remove the old rotor.


Clean the new rotor with a brake cleaner before attaching it. That way, you get rid of a protective coating. Then, put the rotor on and tighten it with a lug nut. Now that the new rotor is on, put special glue on the bolts that hold the bracket. The glue ensures that vibrations don’t make them come loose. After that, tighten the bolts.


You’ll see how to push the brake pistons in so the new, thicker brake pads will fit. Use an old brake pad and a special tool to do this. Don’t leave the cap off the brake fluid reservoir for too long. Because you don’t want any moisture getting in there, with that out of the way, put grease on the parts where metal touches metal.


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