What It Means to Be a Criminal Defense Attorney

It’s not as romantic as it sounds to be a criminal defense attorney. There’s a lot of driving involved to go to different clients that can be several hours away. Not only that, but criminal defense attorneys have to be prepared to go between several kinds of meetings.

Some have arraignments to go to and, like in the video, there are specific contracts where the city has criminal defense attorneys come in to represent people who don’t have any physical representation in the courthouse. Sometimes the adventure is what happens in the courthouse.

Video Source

For example, the attorney in the video watched a defense attorney get arrested for dealing with drugs in jail!

From St. Louis to another city, the travel time is a large part of what criminal defense attorneys have to do. Not only is there the time that goes into the driving but also the time that goes into the cases.

Take into account the years of training and learning that went into being able to pass the bar, and it’s amazing to see what all a criminal defense attorney does! They have paperwork to complete, and projects that they have to give input on, and not to mention their time is always up in the air. The attorney in the video wasn’t done with his workday until after nine in the evening.


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