What to Know Before You Buy a Greenhouse

Garden enthusiasts will love this video by “Gardening with Greg”, which discusses things you should consider when buying a greenhouse. Since it is a substantial investment, you must ensure you get the right structure for your garden. Let’s dive into what is important:

The shape of the greenhouse will be dictated by how much snow you get in winter. If you live in the warm part of the country with little or no snow, you can install a rounded-shaped roof. But if you get a lot of snow, consider the gothic greenhouses with a pointy arch that will not collect any snow.

Greg used 8mm polycarbonate sheeting in the video to cover his greenhouse.

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He made his choice because the covering is relatively cheap, and since he lives near the Gulf Coast, he doesn’t have to worry about hail or snow that will require sturdier materials. However, he installed his greenhouse on footings to withstand the hurricanes in his area.

Shelf space is the most important feature of the greenhouse. You can use various materials to construct shelving, like wood planks or metal wire shelving. Metal wire has the additional benefit that it lets light through, saving you from having to install additional lighting for plants housed on the bottom shelves.

Having a greenhouse in your garden allows you to grow plants all year round. It is also a great place to keep delicate plants during winter. Hope you have fun installing your own greenhouse.

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