With Aluminum Vans, Does Van Size Matter?

In the video above, the reporter navigates the world of extruded aluminum, specifically delving into the nuances of 8020 in the context of a van build. While not opting for the 8020 branded extrusion, the reporter chooses the item due to its local availability, showcasing the adaptability in sourcing materials. The detailed breakdown encompasses the utilization of the 30 and 40 series, delineating their dimensions in millimeters. The 30 series takes the lead in cabinetry framing, while the robust 40 series fortifies upper cabinets and the bed for added strength.

The strategic use of closed faces to conceal aluminum channels in specific placements demonstrates a meticulous eye for both aesthetics and functionality. Moreover, the incorporation of unique profiles, such as one reducing thickness under the bed and another supporting a heavy-duty bed slide system, showcases thoughtful engineering.

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Insights into fastener selection, including automatic fasteners, 90 brackets, and specific bolts and t-nuts for different series channels, highlight the precision in planning and execution.

For those seeking comprehensive guidance on van builds, the reporter’s website hosts an encompassing van build guide, encompassing 8020 insights, fasteners, and construction details. This meticulous approach to selecting profiles and fasteners, coupled with insightful application, proves both informative and inspirational. Furthermore, this detailed construction methodology could potentially be applied to an aluminum van for sale.


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