Workplace Injuries Prevention and Repercussions

When it comes to claiming workplace injuries, there are some things that those claiming injury need to keep in mind when hiring a slip and fall attorney. The first thing is to determine the negligence of the employer who is responsible for the property. This means that there has to be proof that something was done incorrectly, or not at all by the responsible party to ensure safety. The proof found must be undisputed, such as camera footage or pictures.

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As an employee, the person making the claim is aware of the danger, so there has to be proof that this is not related to the work being done on the job, and that it was a solid accident. Those who are hurt may even give a statement as to how they tried to avoid the problem to keep from being hurt and falling on the job. Both sides of the court will be looking at how this could have been prevented and what you did as an employee.

There will always be a need for a statement, and what an employee says in a deposition could have repercussions once the case is over. It could be that the employee has to spread against the employer and the landlord, which could have impacts on where the business is moving forward and even employment with the company.

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