Bring Out the Modern Marketer in You

using laptop and phoneYour brand is your brainchild. Imparting its story and purpose to the community is not only a matter of marketing strategy, but it is also the culmination of years spent strategizing to arrive where you are now. You are introducing your creation and sharing it with the world. You are showing them how you can make their lives easier and more colorful. You are allowing them to carry a banner for an issue through their purchase.

The advantage of millennial-owned brands is that they support advocacy through their products or services. Plus, being exposed to the digital world at an early age, they know how to utilize technology to their advantage—from online selling to digital advertising.

In Utah, the US Chamber placed the state on the number one spot for entrepreneurship and innovation. On top of that, the 2017 Enterprising State reported that Utah is number one when it comes to high-tech job growth. Both rankings are not surprising, because Utah’s population is filled with millennials.

At present, you can observe how brands use modern marketing tools to compete, especially with brands that speak the new marketing language. From well-curated branding to search engine optimization in Utah, businesses are reaching out to a broader audience.

To get the job done, here is a list of questions that will help you unleash the modern marketer in you:

Do you have a website?

Word of mouth is excellent, many brands have been discovered because of it, but it’s not enough. In this day and age, there is no excuse for not having a website. Your website- how it looks and how it runs- is the basis of your probable client’s first impression of you.

A website can serve two purposes: aesthetics and function. The visual look of your website will dictate the kind of brand you want to be. How it looks is designed to attract your target market. At the same time, the site is your means to communicate with people anytime and anywhere. It also pays to have an official account on social media platforms.

Is your brand’s website visible in search results?

Having a website will not instantly secure your online visibility. Google utilizes an algorithm that ranks websites in the search engine results. Google is smart. It keeps track of the people searching for your brand. When more users are into your brand, the more visible you become.

This is important in introducing your brand. After all, visibility precedes recognition.

Would people interact with your digital content?

using the internet

Internet users have to interact with your content to continuously produce web traction. Always think of shareable content that will subtly generate brand awareness and customers. This can be done through videos, blogs, headlines, and memes. Keep in mind, however, that your content should stick to the branding you have set for your business.

Does customer response matter to you?

One of the great things about the internet is this: you get to have a free critique through comments and reviews. This way, you’ll know what people want. You’ll have an idea of what you can improve on and how. You’ll have a grasp on how people see your brand.

Let people know that their opinions matter. People are more supportive of brands that listen.

Marketing your brand in a modern way requires a strong team and comprehensive plan. Plan well and see it come to fruition. 

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