Do You Need to Have a Lawyer on Retainer?

Having a lawyer on retainer means that you’re paying a lawyer a small amount regularly. The lawyer does not do actual work for you regularly, but when you need legal representation, the lawyer should be readily available to help you with your legal woes. Many people prefer paying a small monthly amount to a lawyer because it makes them feel protected to always have access to legal advice.

You can have divorce lawyers in Albuquerque or other cities on retainer, too, if you feel that you’re facing an imminent divorce proceeding. You can call them up once you or your partner is ready to file the necessary divorce documents. Although it is a troubling and deeply emotional time, it would help to have a lawyer take care of all your legal problems.

Three Things to Remember Before Putting a Lawyer on Retainer

Not everyone needs a lawyer on retainer. Unless you’re expecting to face legal woes in the future, there should be no reason for you to pay a small amount regularly. But if it does make you feel good to have available legal representation always, then who’s stopping you?

There are three things that you need to remember before hiring a lawyer on retainer. First, ask yourself what you will use an attorney for. If you’re operating a business and cannot hire a full-time lawyer, it makes sense to put an attorney on retainer. But if not, does it really make sense for you to retain a lawyer?

Second, your auto and homeowner’s insurance will cover your legal fees in case of an accident. This means that you don’t have to dip into your own pockets to hire legal representation. Your insurance will provide that for you.

Lastly, check your employer’s compensation package. Many companies provide legal assistance to their workers. This means that you can use the company lawyer for a variety of legal problems—from wills and estates to taxes and other lawsuits. It might be counterproductive to pay a lawyer on retainer when you already have access to one.

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What You Get from a Lawyer on Retainer

Aside from the 24/7 access to sage legal advice, you’re also entitled to call on your lawyer when you have a brush in with the law. People get arrested all the time for the wrong reasons. Sometimes, the police will question you simply because you’ve had a previous criminal history.

During these instances, it’s best to have a lawyer on retainer. Your family outside may not instantly have the money to pay the legal fee. But if you have an attorney on retainer, you can make the call and the lawyer will come rushing to help you.

But here’s the thing: you’ll be asked to pay more when your retainer amount has been depleted already. You’ll have to pay for any additional charges incurred during the filing of a case or the defense of you. Think of it as prepaying for legal woes. Once the money dries up, you’ll have to “reload” it.

Think long and hard about paying a lawyer on retainer. It has its perks if you have the extra cash lying around. Otherwise, as long as you have a reputable lawyer in your phone book, that will be all you need.

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