Finding a Divorce Lawyer: Know the Right Questions

Being at odds with the person you once loved and spent a lot of time with is not easy. Not only is it emotionally exhausting, but it is also mentally and financially taxing. Going through a divorce is a chapter in life that people choose to go through but often have a hard time doing so due to various reasons. Finding the right divorce lawyer who knows the whole divorce process can help lighten the load.

In Nassau County, divorce attorneys can help you with your divorce and arrange a deal that would suit your family’s best interests. But to find the right one, asking the right questions is necessary. Here are some things worth asking to help you determine whether or not they are the right match for you. These are the questions to ask a lawyer if you want to hire them for your divorce procedure.

What is your fee structure?

Different lawyers have different fee structures. Do not be afraid to discuss this with your lawyer early on. A divorce does not come cheap, so it is essential to have the financial capacity to help you get the settlement you want. Understanding your lawyer’s fee structure and determining whether or not you would be able to handle it is a start.

How many cases like mine have you handled?

Every case is unique but having a lawyer who has handled cases similar to yours can give you an advantage. They would know how to approach your case better, which can give you a good starting leverage.

How do you plan to tackle my case?

Do you want to settle? Or do you plan to take your case in court and give your spouse the legal battle that they deserve? Understanding how your lawyer will handle your case can help you find out whether or not you would be able to work together amicably. Their methods should match your needs and preferences.

Has any of your cases been taken to court?

Even if you don’t want to have a case settled in court, working with a lawyer who has a court experience can give you better peace of mind. You’ll never know what might happen as the process goes on.

How can I contact you?

secretary holding the phone

Lawyers are busy, and it won’t be a surprise if you are talking with their secretary more than you would with them. But, this should not be a reason why you should have a hard time reaching them, especially during emergencies. Having a responsive office is always a good sign.

Who else will I be working with?

Lawyers have a lot of associates, and it would be beneficial for you to get to know these people. Knowing that you can efficiently work with them is as important as knowing that you can work not just with your lawyer but also with the whole team.

Do not underestimate the importance of finding the right divorce lawyer to help you with your case. The right one will not just be instrumental for winning, but also for your overall welfare.

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