Qualities You Should Look for in a Lawyer

We need lawyers for different matters, and a single lawyer cannot handle all kinds of cases for every client. The lawyer who writes your will is probably not the lawyer who helped you settle an injury claim. But regardless of the legal issue, here are the qualities you need to look for when choosing a lawyer.

Great communication skills

Being a lawyer requires peerless communication skills in any given channel. They need to be comprehensive and concise writers for drafting legal documents. They should also be engaging and persuasive public speakers when representing you in court.

Communication also involves listening, so an excellent lawyer should be an even better listener. There is nothing in the legal world that can be approached with generic methods. To come up with the best approach for your case, your lawyer should be able to profoundly understand your goals. Your lawyer also has to be responsive, and be able to respond to you in a timely manner.

Literally close to you

The location of your lawyer may also affect how they understand the nuances of your case, and how well you can communicate with them. Aside from the geographical and physical considerations, there might also be laws specific to your locale. For instance, if you are making injury claims following a road accident in Glen Burnie, a Glen Burnie attorney can help you better than an attorney from Baltimore.

Objective but compassionate

lawyer instructing client to sign paper

Some lawyers see legal practice as a job that they need to get done and over with. Good lawyers, on the other hand, genuinely care about their clients. Every lawyer asks tons of questions during the initial interview to have a good grasp of your case. But a good lawyer would listen carefully to your answers, and make sure that they understand your concerns.

While your lawyer should empathize with your pain, they cannot be too emotionally attached. They should remain objective, and uphold and seek the truth at all costs. Your professional relationship with your lawyer should be based on trust, and both the good and bad facts about your case.

Broad experience

While there are many new lawyers who are competent enough to handle your case, experience is still a great edge in legal practice. Experienced lawyers are equipped with skills that are not taught in law school. They learn how to deal with other seasoned lawyers and insurance adjusters. They get to know the tendencies of local judges, and how local juries respond to various types of evidence and witnesses. Throughout their career, they have dealt with diverse witnesses, as well, making them adept at cross-examining witnesses.

A new lawyer might be competent enough to handle small, simple cases. But if you have a lot at stake and the problem is complex, go for a seasoned attorney.

You should be able to build a healthy professional relationship with your attorney based on mutual trust. Like dating, you need to know the qualities that you should look for. It might require a lot of effort before you can settle for the right lawyer for your needs, but when you do, you’re one step closer to achieving your legal goals.

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