Different Uses of Technology in the School

Technology is constantly being used in the school system. Some people believe that technology is causing students to be more distracted in class, while others believe that it is actually helping them learn in new and innovative ways. But this article discusses how different schools are using technology in their classrooms for the benefit of everyone involved.

Improving student safety

Technology helps in promoting the safety of students. Many schools have installed closed-circuit television cameras to monitor the school grounds and parking lots, advanced security technology to secure the school grounds from many different threats, and panic button systems for schools that can be used in case of an emergency, thus ensuring that they are kept safe from any damages or thefts. This is a more proactive approach in controlling the school environment, which helps promote student safety.

Monitoring behavior of students

The use of smart cards has also been introduced as a form of monitoring the behavior of students. With smart cards installed, they are able to monitor all forms of activities inside and outside school premises — ensuring that students remain safe during their journey home. Schools also use smart cards for entry into the building thus helping them identify any strangers entering the school premises — this helps in maintaining a secure environment for both students and staff members.

Improving the learning environment

The use of technology also helps improve the learning environment by providing access to online websites that allow students to have access to resources for their projects, homework, assignments reviews, etc. This is beneficial as it promotes improved student-teacher interaction — allowing both parties to have improved communication thus helping them to understand each other better.

Managing school administration

The use of technology enables the management of the school’s administration to be easier and more efficient, by providing access to information via computer terminals or email for example. Once logged in, administrators are able to check on the student population (e.g. attendance), submit grades online, make reports, and approve requests for vacation days.

Providing access to online resources

student doing research at a library

The use of technology also enables school administrators to provide the students with access to a wide range of information services such as libraries and electronic databases, combined with improved communication between teachers and parents. This is beneficial in improving student grades by providing them with easily accessible resources through a computerized network.

Helping students achieve their goals

Technology enables the school to be more flexible and responsive to meeting the needs of its students — ensuring that tutorial assistance is available for those who need it, as well as arranging individualized instruction for those with learning disabilities. This ensures that every child is able to complete his/her education.

Helping in conducting efficient research

The use of technology also enables schools to conduct efficient research as it helps them gather and collate data from a wide range of sources. This is achieved by using electronic databases that allow for easy access to large amounts of information — enabling school administrators to design appropriate services for students with certain learning abilities or disabilities. The internet is also useful as it allows students to access the world’s information and find answers to their questions instantly.

Providing an online grading system

Grading at the end of each course can be automated through an online gradebook. This helps promote increased student-teacher interaction, as teachers are able to communicate with their students via email, or other forms of electronic messaging to provide quick feedback. Teachers are also a lot more flexible and can upload files and handouts to students who may be away on vacation, thus ensuring that the student’s grade doesn’t suffer.

Conducting general student maintenance

The use of technology has also made it easier to conduct general school maintenance by providing school management with user-friendly computerized work order request forms. This enables them to monitor the status of every work order from a central location, thus ensuring that they are able to properly allocate their resources and personnel.

Promoting self-motivation

The use of technology has also enabled the school to promote self-motivation in its students by providing an online calendar that displays important deadlines, reports, and exams. This is beneficial as it enables students to plan ahead for assignments based on their due dates.

The use of technology in the school has become a necessity to help manage student grades and provide resources for students. With so many different uses, it’s important that schools take advantage of this resource as much as possible! It is also good to appreciate these various benefits that the use of technology brings to students. This article provides a brief outline of several ways in which schools see the use of technology as helpful.

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