What to Do When Falsely Accused of a Crime

The U.S. justice system is one of the best among developed countries. It exists to keep communities safe and to protect the rights of the people. It ensures that the innocent are set free and the guilty are punished.

But what if you or a person you love were falsely accused of a crime in North Carolina? Following an arrest, contact a licensed bondsman to secure a release for your loved one until court proceedings ensue.

Remember that every citizen is innocent until proven guilty. You’ll be brought to court to defend yourself and fight the charges against you. False accusations can catch anyone off guard. Unfortunately, this often leads to mistakes that affect the accused personally and financially.

Therefore, you must take the necessary steps to guard yourself and your family against any loss. Here are some things that you must do when wrongfully accused of a crime:

Determine the Motive

Why do you think has someone falsely accused you? What could be that person’s reason? It will be easier to disprove accusations once you know the motive behind them.

Find Witnesses

Enlist the help of people who know you well. Ask your family and friends to testify on your behalf and invalidate any accusation. Although their testimonies might not directly refute accusations, they can give a context that attests that the accusations about you are untrue or out of place.

Keep a Paper Trail

Keep a file of everything that has to do with your case. Document every action that takes place. Make sure to record all telephone calls, conversations, meetings, and interviews between you and others. These could be key evidence for proving your innocence.

Do Not Resist Arrest

Resisting arrest could lead to another crime. The police could countersue you just by resisting arrest. Keep calm and listen to what they say to you. Be respectful and polite. Fighting back will only make matters worse.

However, it is your right to refuse unwarranted arrest or searches. Politely ask a warrant from the arresting officers.

Remember that you have just been accused of a crime, not convicted. You are still innocent. You are legible to use the many built-in protections of the U.S. justice system. These protections allow you to defend yourself against criminal charges. However, you can only do that in court and not at the police station.

Request for a Lawyer

lawyer and client

Often, falsely accused persons instinctively talk to the police to prove their innocence. Never talk to the police and tell them the side of your story. They arrested you because they believe that you are the person who did the crime. You can’t convince them that they committed a mistake.

Once you are at the police station after your arrest, you can finally request an attorney. Talk only in the presence of your lawyer.

The U.S. legal system is excellent in many aspects. But it doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. Mistakes can still happen.

If you’re falsely accused of a crime, do everything you can to protect your reputation and freedom. Whatever is the motive for the wrong accusations, you must hire an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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