How Much Should You Spend on Food for a Wedding in Singapore?

You should expect to spend the majority of your budget on food if you are planning to get married in Singapore. The average cost of wedding banquets in the Garden City amounts to S$30,000 for 300 people.

Several factors will affect the actual price and these include the number of guests and the preferred cuisine. For instance, a buffet catering for 20 pax (persons) for a small and simple wedding will obviously be more affordable than a catering service for 300 guests. The price of food catering in the country has increased in recent years, so you should take more time to consider as many options as possible, especially if your budget is limited.

Determining the Best Time

Some ways to save money on your wedding banquet will require you to schedule the reception on a weekday. A weekday lunch reception may cost an average of S$127 per head, while a weekend dinner may cost S$155 per person on average. The usual price is between S$50 and S$222 per head, so it is better to ask for quotes from at least three catering service providers.

The low-end on the price range for a reception costs S$17,000 for 15 tables. Note that the type of dish you plan to serve on your banquet may likewise affect the overall cost. Peranakan dishes could be less expensive than Western cuisine, so consider this when choosing from different menus. Many catering services allow you to customise, but ask first if this would mean an extra fee.

Other Wedding Expenses

Bride talking to the wedding plannerOther than the reception, the bridal package accounts for a significant chunk of expenses. Most packages help couples with their budget, especially since a la carte services can be quite expensive. The typical cost of a package that includes a bridal dress, makeup and pre-wedding photography may range from S$3,000 to $6,000.

Professional photography alone could cost S$2,000 on average, so it is unsurprising that some couples ask family members or friends to do it for them. You could likewise choose not to hire a wedding coordinator and simply ask someone from your inner circle to handle the tasks of booking venues and arranging the guest list, among other things.

More Time for Preparations

As weddings are quite expensive, the Archdiocese of Singapore wants Catholic couples to plan their wedding more carefully by introducing a new rule. Those who want to hold the ceremony at the Archdiocese’s 32 churches in the city-state must book the day at least 12 months in advance.

It used to take six months for couples to notify the church under the Archdiocese, but Archbishop William Goh Seng Chye announced the change after a discussion with several priests.

A more intimate wedding with a few guests could be your best option to save on your food expenses. You could likewise stretch your budget by taking out some services that could be filled in by a family member or a friend. This way, you get to spend more on the reception venue and other matters related to your wedding.

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