The Influencer Life: Starting Your Path as an Influencer

One of the most rewarding careers for the current generation is becoming a social media influencer. Social media influencers are one of the highest-paid careers because of the growing need for marketing and advertising. However, the path to such a career takes time and effort, and it’s also an uneasy path filled with uncertainly.

The number of people using social media right now is growing. Currently, the number of people with social media is about 4 billion people. Experts believe that this number will increase as more countries get access to an affordable internet connection. So your potential target audience as a social media influencer is as large as the entire world’s population.

Working your way to the top tier of social media influencers is challenging, but it’ll make the process much easier if you have the know-how. Here are some things you should know when starting your path as a social media influencer.

Start with Blogging

The very first thing you should do is to start blogging. This doesn’t require you to have a budget to buy cameras and expensive equipment. You can become a blogger by just having a laptop or a working computer.

Blogging is good if you want to take a step into becoming an affiliate marketer. But you’re going to need some help to optimize your blogs, so you should consider investing in anĀ experienced SEO consultant for that to happen. This investment will help you improve your audience, which you need once you become an influencer.

Becoming a blogger is your first step in becoming an influencer. It gives you access to your audience, gives you experience in the field and without investing too much into it initially. It’s a safe option compared to the others right now out there. The next step is to stabilize your position as an affiliate marketer.

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Apply for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one way you can get a constant stream of money while working way up to the top. There are many options for affiliate marketing, and it’s up to you as to which company you want to join. One of the best affiliate marketing companies right now is Amazon, but they are over-saturated. So consider joining start-up e-commerce companies.

Once you become an affiliate marketer, your blogs will need to have specific content to work. Then, whenever people click the hyperlink you have, you can get a percentage commission. It’s a reliable way to earn money, especially if you already have an audience with your blogs.

Build a Community

You’ll need a community if you want to survive in this field because nothing beats a dedicated fan base. You can do this by starting a forum or by engaging with your audience.

Building a community will ensure that you have returning followers to your content. It’s also one of your ways to retain them. An engaged community will help you improve your content and even make you become a better influencer. Make sure to listen to your fan base and make the content they enjoy.

Transition to Videography

Lastly, it’s time for you to transition to a video platform like YouTube or maybe Twitch. Video is one way you can entertain your followers further. It’s also one of the best ways to retain viewers when compared to writing articles. However, unlike writing, videography requires a lot of investment and content production.

Now that you have written blogs on various topics, it’s time to make a video out of them. Look for the most exciting blogs you’ve made, and see if you can make them into videos, similar to the ones on Facebook and Instagram. Consider talking about history or interesting events. Better yet, feel free to vlog about your traveling. These are the best topics you can make videos about and some of the most engaging ones.

Additionally, when it comes to your videos, make sure to listen to feedback from your followers. They’re the reason you’re doing this in the first place, and you’re getting your revenue from their clicks. So consider talking with them occasionally for some ideas that they might be interested in.

If you want a career-based path in becoming an influencer, then follow these steps. The general step for most influencers right now is to get a social media account and post ‘juicy’ content, but that’s highly unreliable since there are technically millions of people doing the same thing. However, through these steps, you can create a career where you can earn money along the way.

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