Keep Your Backyard Safe and Secure for the Family

Your home is a sanctuary because you feel safe and secure there. It is where you feel the most relaxed because you do everything necessary to make it safe for you and the family. The coronavirus pandemic might have upended your plans last year and even this year, but that’s no reason not to rely on the good old backyard to be your source of entertainment and outdoor activities during these extraordinary times in our lives.

But the concern of many parents is that they cannot let their kids play in the backyard when they have to work from the kitchen or the living room. They cannot do Zoom calls in the backyard when the sun hits their faces, and their bosses and clients cannot see them well. Plus, they need privacy, of course. The problem is if they take the kids inside, they’ll be cranky and bored. Those are not good combinations if you are trying to work from home.

Fence the Property

The first thing you have to do is fence the property. Whether it’s wood, metal, or steel, make sure that your kids cannot get out and burglars cannot go in and hide. You will feel much safer if you know that you and your kids are well and safe inside the property. Make sure to choose a fence that complements the overall exterior design of the house, of course.

Hide Valuables

If you have expensive garden tools, don’t leave them lying around the backyard. The same goes for expensive plants. If you have one of those rare plants that cost thousands of dollars, place them somewhere safe instead of the backyard where burglars can target them. Do you have an outdoor kitchen? Use basic kitchen tools there. Your expensive wines and utensils are best hidden in a cupboard in your indoor kitchen.

Keep Pests Away

Do you know that ticks can leave in yards, especially if you have pets? If your kids are running and rolling around the yard, there’s a good chance that they will get bitten by the ticks. Call a tick solution company that can take care of this problem for you. They use kid-friendly and non-toxic chemicals to kill the ticks. If they don’t, they’ll usually advise you about how many days you should not let the kids play in the yard first.

fenced backyard

Add Thorny Plants

You should trim the plants and bushes around the fence so burglars cannot hide and attack the kids when you are not looking. You should also place thorny plants on the gates and fences because that will keep criminals away. Remind your kids not to play near the fence because they could hurt themselves. The thorny plants are for the burglars and not for your rambunctious kids.

Install Cameras

Say you have to, say, get something from inside the house. You can leave them for a second as long as you have the camera pointed at them. Check the display on your phone while you do what you have to do indoors. Make sure to glance at the screen consistently until you get back safely to your kids.

Set Alarms

You can get an alarm for the gates, fence, main door, garage doors, and virtually every area of the house. If burglars trip the alarm, it will go off and make a ruckus. They don’t like that. You should put a warning on the gate, so they won’t even attempt to trick the alarm. Burglars are usually wary of homes with a smart security system. Even if it’s just a fake sign, it will still turn off criminals.

Work There

Yes, you can’t help but leave your kids for even just a second when you’re running inside the house to get what you or they need. Why don’t you set up your work desk there? Find a spot where the sun won’t get too much in the camera. If you don’t need to make calls, you can bring the table closer to where your kids are playing. Although you have responsibilities at work, the priority always is to keep them safe from any harm that might come to them while they’re innocently playing in the backyard.

Let your kids be kids. It would be nice if they can stay at home and read books, but that only happens in your dreams. Kids want to explore. You need to give them that space because it will help in their development. Yes, it’s hard to let them run around while you try to keep up with them and your work. But remember, you are in a much better place if your kids have room and space to grow and run. Not many children have that privilege.

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