Moving Forward: A Guide to Preparing for the Next Chapter in Life

Just like reading a book, closing a chapter and moving onto the next is one of the most satisfying periods of life. The next chapter is where you can begin anew and rebuild yourself with new experiences. It’s the refreshing feeling you get when graduating from college and getting a job far from home. Despite feeling thrilled on moving forward, you can’t help feeling afraid of the uncertainty that lies ahead. There are no wills that can clarify intentions and outline the next steps.

There won’t always be good days, so it’s only normal to worry about how well things will go. Given this, it’s still best to be prepared, no matter the circumstances. Below are three guidelines to keep in mind when preparing for the next chapter of life.

Research on where you are headed

Transitioning to the next chapter of life means adjusting to the environment. Because everything is new, you must first familiarise yourself with the field you’re getting into. Kristi Hedges, a contributor to Forbes, reminded readers that it’s crucial to “spend time on doing a situational analysis to gather context and data.” In other words, it’s learning to conduct research. Read and watch relevant text and videos. Seek advice from experts via email or basically from people who are thriving in the same field. It’s important to write them down as references in the future. In effect, being equipped with the necessary information can increase your ability to make sound and realistic decisions.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

making a mistake

But even carrying enough knowledge related to your new journey, you are bound to make mistakes at some point, and that’s OK. These mistakes only validate the areas you may need to improve on. There is no single answer to new problems. If you are heading towards a complete career shift, for example, from having an eight-hour office job to being a full-time content creator on YouTube, it’s expected that you will not get it right the first time around. It may be a slow process but advancing in life isn’t a competition. Stay focused, accept mistakes and keep learning as you go.

Share experiences with loved ones

Whether you are having a difficult time or not, always keep loved ones in mind as they can be a source of positive energy and reinforcement. Stay connected and as much as possible, give them updates, may they be small or big news. Based on a related study by Dr Nicholas Christakis from Harvard Medical School, results show that “individuals who surround themselves with people who smile and have a positive attitude themselves have a better attitude.” Undertaking a new journey may be a sole decision, but it doesn’t mean that one has to go through the experiences alone.

Anyone who is beginning a new chapter or journey carries mixed feelings as it’s impossible to say how it will end. But being prepared can make a large difference in one’s outlook. You can surpass challenges with the right mindset.

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