Seasonal Landscaping: What Commercial Establishments Need to Do in Winter

Many people don’t like going out during winter. It could be because of the winter blues. Or maybe they just don’t want to deal with the chilly and windy weather outside. But this doesn’t mean that business establishments can count on the snow to cover their unkempt property.

Commercial lawn care and landscaping services aren’t only for spring and summer. There are also many ways it can help your business attract customers and thrive during the winter.street covered in ice

Prepare Your Lawn for the Cold Weather

A thick layer of fresh snowfall might be enough to distract your patrons for a few seconds. But the powdery white sight can only last so long. That’s not to mention how snow affects the landscape of your business. Your plants and trees might suffer throughout the season because of the snow, wind, and temperature.

Invest in winter landscaping services that keep your surroundings healthy and vibrant.

  • Cutting grass short before winter hits: Take note of when grass cutting season ends so you can cut the grass short before heavy snowfall arrives. Your professional landscaping team should gradually trim the grass until they are short enough to protect new growth and survive winter.
  • Fertilizing the lawn before the first freeze: Nothing’s going to grow out in your commercial lawn during winter but applying fertilizer is still important. Your lawn wouldn’t be getting as much sunlight as it should so it will need fertilizer to survive until the weather starts to warm up.
  • Applying mulch around plants and trees: Mulch effectively prevents winter-related erosion and dehydration by regulating the soil temperature on your commercial property. So in addition to fertilizing your lawn, consider mulching the areas surrounding your shrubs, plants, and trees.
  • Supporting branches during a snowfall: Cutting grass, fertilizing, and mulching is important in keeping your lawn healthy throughout winter. But don’t just focus on the roots. Tie together frail tree branches and remove damaged limbs before heavy snowfall takes a toll on them.

It’s also important for you to schedule snow removal services throughout the season. This minimizes the possibility of winter damage to your establishment’s outdoor area. It minimizes the possibility of winter hazards like slip, trip, and falls on your property, too.

Decorate the Place with Perennials

Your retail store doesn’t have to wait until spring before making the place look vibrantly green. You have a wide range of cc to decorate the place with. These plants have no problem blooming during winter, making your establishment livelier when everything else is covered in white.

  • Daffodils: These are cold-hardy flowers that can bloom as early as February.
  • Lenten Roses: These blooms may look delicate, but they thrive in cold weather.
  • Violas: These flowers can actually last throughout winter if the climate is mild.
  • Winter Jasmine: It may not smell like the common jasmine but it adds color to your landscape.
  • Witch Hazel: These whimsical flowers aren’t just good for skincare. They add life to the lawn, too.

Get your establishment ready for winter. Protect the lawn; make it more attractive for potential patrons.

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