Should Your Investment Plans Change Because of the Pandemic?

Just how much did Covid-19 change our lives? The world is changing quite rapidly because of the impact of the pandemic. As businesses close so do other types of businesses emerge. We’ve seen hundred-year-old schools close because of the lack of enrollees. Yet, we have seen online schools grow like mushrooms. Teachers now have the opportunity to establish their own learning centers, albeit virtually. The pandemic is giving us reasons to despair, but it is also giving us hope.

But what does it mean for your investments? How are you going to invest amid such a horrible time in the economy? Who is your target market? Should you push on with your pre-pandemic plans?


Franchises remain to be the safest kind of investment today. Of course, you have to choose carefully the type of businesses that you want to enter. In the pre-pandemic times, food and office franchises top the list of franchise businesses. Is this still true today?

Food will forever be an essential business investment. It’s a need, so the only thing you have to do is carve a niche for yourself in an already saturated industry. Then, there are franchises of coworking spaces. While these opportunities haven’t even made that much stride before the pandemic, these are now more important than ever.

Despite the social distancing measures in place, businesses are transitioning to work-from-home setups. This meant that employees need a space far from their home where they can work in peace. That’s why office franchises may be a good investment.

Stock Market

With the volatility of the stock market, is this a safe place to invest your money? It depends on what type of investor you are. High-risk investors expect high rewards but can also suffer from the debilitating impact of a stock market crash. On the other hand, blue-chip-company investors have fewer risks and fewer rewards. Which one are you?

The world is looking at one of its deepest recessions in modern times. Expect some stock markets to crash. It may not be wise to put all your money into trading unless you are doing it for the long-term.

investment on stock market

Make Your Investments Liquid

Economic experts have projections, but that’s all they have. All of these are mere projections. They project that the global economy will go into depression next year and yet, some also said that it won’t last more than a year or so. The key here is to make short-term financial goals; something that you can achieve in the next couple of years. That will allow you to align your investments with the changing reality of shifting consumer behavior and demanding markets.

Watch the Market

If you want to make investments, keep your eye on the market and even political news. Every decision that politicians make affect the economy. Know the triggers of a depression and a crash. Identify the signs that should push you to pull out your investment. Never hesitate to do it, too. Once you figure out you are going to lose money within the next couple of months, take a step back. The worst thing for investors is to be blindsided by political and economic pressures.

Take Stock of Your Finances

How sure are you that you can invest today? It’s a volatile market. Investments are risky. Is your source of income stable enough that you’re willing to risk your finances? Take stock of where you are financially and think long and hard before you let go of your money.

Although it is never wrong to invest your money, make sure you’re putting it somewhere safe these days. The world, after all, is on the brink of a transition. Who knows how the other side will look like for the economy? Protecting your money… that’s your job.

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