Four Ways to Use Your Sales Experience to Bring in Better Opportunities

As a sales representative, you know that your work can be a very high-risk, high-reward proposition. Not everyone has the appetite for this sort of challenge day in, day out. If you’ve ever found yourself in your spare time wondering what else you can do, here are some ways you can leverage your sales experience to improve your prospects:

Start a business

According to an entrepreneurship report for 2018 to 2019, almost 16% of adults in the United States pursue opportunities to start a business. This is in spite of the country’s low unemployment rate. It indicates that many Americans can identify gaps in the economy and launch the right startup to address these needs. If you live in a big city and see commercial cleaning business opportunities, for example, why not turn that idea into a profitable venture?

A lot of people can be intimidated by the challenge of getting into business for the first time. There’s definitely an element of risk involved, but that’s where you have an advantage. Using your experience and knowledge of sales strategy, you’ll be primed to overcome the daunting barrier of landing your first customer.

Run a side hustle

You may not have the inclination to drop your sales career altogether. Maybe it’s steady enough to pay the bills, or you’re averse to the risks of entrepreneurship. In that case, you can still fill your free time with a side hustle to bring in more income.

The modern gig economy offers many ways for people of any background to take on part-time work. With your sales-based skill set, however, you’re not just limited to driving a car or renting out an extra room. Content writing and affiliate marketing gigs are just two ways you can apply your experience at generating and converting leads on behalf of someone else’s business idea.

Aim for a promotion

businessman extending his hand and a contract on table

The sales profession can be characterized as competitive, with limited opportunities for advancement. But sometimes, this perception of limited growth can also be due to sales representatives not building up their own abilities sufficiently to take advantage when the chance to get promoted comes around.

You can aim for a promotion by deliberately expanding your skill set and capabilities. Use your free time to learn more about what your company needs in a management position. What traits or behavior make for good leaders? Show initiative at work; seek permission to shadow your manager or coach your colleagues for improvement. Of course, you’ll need to prove your own skills first. When the time comes, be ready to sell yourself as the best candidate for internal promotion.

Switch careers

In the modern world, it’s becoming increasingly common for graduates to work in fields unrelated to their courses and for employees to consider switching careers. You may find that your sales background gives you greater leverage to land jobs in creative design or marketing. A career change can be scary. But if you have a diverse skill set and love of learning, you’ll find it easy to succeed. You may even enjoy better pay and benefits, work-life balance, or fulfillment while you’re at it.

The daily grind of sales work can be tough. Whether you’re seeking better income, growth, or lifestyle opportunities, make the most of your skills and experience to reach your ideal destination.

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