Five Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe in Amusement Parks

Whether you’re going to Disneyland, Six Flags, Knott’s Berry Farm, Universal Studios, or Sesame Place, you’re bound to get anxious with the thought of having your kids with you. It’s a different thing to visit these amusement parks when we are single and oh-so-carefree. It’s an entirely different thing to visit them once we have hyperactive kids.

One of the first things that you need to do is to check the safety history of the theme parks. Did they have problems with the rides and their components such as the air compressor filter? Were there accidents in the past decade? How many incidents were the parks involved in? How do they keep the rides properly maintained?

Safety is your number one concern when visiting theme parks. How can you enjoy your time there, of course, if you’re not going to let your kids go on rides? They’ll get bored and feel envious of other kids.

Talk to Your Kids

Once you’re confident that you can allow your kids to go on rides, talk to them about staying on your side and following your directions. They shouldn’t walk by themselves or go anywhere without asking permission from you. Tell them why it isn’t safe for them to walk alone in a theme park. Tell them that even if the park is kid- and family-friendly, there are still criminals that lurk there, waiting for an errant child to take. Don’t be afraid to talk about these things to your kids. As much as you want to protect them, they should be aware of the dangers of the society they live in.

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Follow Park Rules

Take time out to read park rules. These are usually posted at the entrance of the park. Being cautious will reduce the chances of you or your children getting into accidents. Follow the height and weight guidelines for each ride. If your children do not meet the minimum height requirements, don’t force the park attended to accept them. Worse, don’t cheat. The joy of a three-minute park ride isn’t worth risking your child’s life.

Don’t Force Your Kids

Just because other kids seem to be enjoying themselves doesn’t mean that your kids will, too. Certain scary rides can be traumatizing for children. They may never set foot inside a theme park again if you force them to go on a “thrilling” ride. Kids will attempt to get off the ride when it scares them, so make sure that your kids know the risks they are taking when they go on a ride.

Don’t Leave the Kids Unsupervised

Don’t leave one kid unsupervised because another one needs you to go on a ride. If you’re bringing two of your kids, make sure that there are two chaperones as well. You cannot leave any of your kids unsupervised, no matter how much you trust them. Accidents can happen when you’re looking. What more can happen when you’re not?

As long as there’s a slim chance of your kids getting into accidents or being abducted, don’t let your guard down. Theme parks may look deceiving because of their kid-friendly activities, but that doesn’t mean that your kids are 100% safe there. It is still your responsibility to ensure their safety.

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