Entrepreneurs Behaving Badly: Its Impact on Business Success

Professionals are expected to leave their personal problems at home. When they go to the office, they should be prepared to give their entire concentration on completing the tasks assigned to them. After all, they are getting paid to make valuable contributions to the company.

However, it is never easy. People do not just forget an event or situation that gives them enormous amounts of stress. They bring their problems like a dark cloud hanging over their head anywhere they go, affecting their mood and productivity.

Emotions do not shut off as soon as a person walks into the workplace.

Pressure to Behave Appropriately

At the same time, there is pressure for professionals to be mindful of their behavior outside of the office. What a person does in their personal life can affect the workplace. Entrepreneurs, especially, are seen as the face of the business. Actions that they take, whether good or bad, can impact the future of the enterprise.

There have been many instances when entrepreneurs behaved badly. Because of social media, there is no way to hide. People can easily identify a person and figure out what they do for a living. Stores with racist owners, for example, get inundated with one-star reviews on every review platform. CEOs arrested for bad behavior get kicked out of their position by the board to save the brand from negative press.

A Brush with the Law

Arrests reflect badly on the business. There have been instances when company executives have been arrested and convicted for DUI. They lose their position because of it.

Operating a vehicle while under the influence is a serious offense and one that can destroy the reputation of the person and the business. Its impact worsens if someone else gets hurt because of it. Most are hesitant to work with someone who has had a conviction as serious as a DUI. It shows a person’s character. You will need an experienced DUI attorney to help you navigate your way out of the situation without inviting controversy.

Money-related arrests would not help the business’s reputation, either. Tax evasion, money laundering, misappropriation of funds make the entrepreneur and the business they run less trustworthy.

Social Media Creating a Public Scandal

Using social media as an entrepreneur can help the business grow. It humanizes the business, helping people realize that the people behind it are not evil capitalists whose only goal is to siphon as much money as possible.

Many entrepreneurs are encouraged to have a presence online to connect to their customers. Popular business figures such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and Elon Musk maintain social media profiles to publish content that may or may not be related to their work.

However, social media can also be the downfall of the business. Entrepreneurs must be doubly careful of what they publish on their online accounts because, as much as they claim that their thoughts and opinions are their own and not the business’, people do not see it that way. The public will always associate the entrepreneur’s words with their business.

So keep out of sensitive issues. As much as possible, do not post inflammatory comments about politics or religion.

Most importantly, do not attack a customer for sharing a negative experience with the business and its products. Too many entrepreneurs get offended when their business receives a bad review. Their business is their baby. They invested so much of their time and energy into it. They see it as a personal attack.

But, the proper response would be to let customer service handle it. A generic message that assures the customer that the business will make improvements to accommodate their needs better in the future will not create controversy. Insulting a customer would.

Laziness Kills a Business

An entrepreneur has to work — a lot. Too many people think that owning a business is easy. They hire people to be responsible for sales, marketing, and other aspects of running a business.

However, being an entrepreneur is a tiring job. They have to oversee the entire business, make major decisions that can impact present and future successes, and motivate employees to do their work. That involves a lot of work.

If the entrepreneur rolls up into the office late and then leaves before the day is over, it will demotivate the team. Employees will think that their boss does not care, so why should they work hard to make the business grow?

Customers might also walk away if they find out that the entrepreneur does not have the passion for running a business. There is no room for laziness in running a business.

Entrepreneurs are inextricable from their business. Their every action can impact their business positively or negatively. To become successful, entrepreneurs must behave appropriately in and out of the workplace.

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