Keep Your Workers Safe and Escape Crippling Medical Bills

Many companies incur hefty medical bills and settlement claims after having scores of workers getting injured at the workplace. By taking a few precautions, you can create a safe workplace environment and escape these costs.

It might come as a surprise, but falls are a leading cause of workplace fatalities next to transportation-related deaths. Falls in workplaces are not only fatal but also result in many terrible injuries. Insurers estimate that work-related injuries cost the Australian economy around $61 billion, which is about 4 per cent of the GDP.

The average cost of settling a slip, trip, and fall case hovers somewhere over $104,000. Left unchecked, such incidents can saddle you with hefty settlements and medical bills.

Get the Flooring Right

Undoubtedly, getting the flooring right is the first step towards creating a safe workplace environment for your workers and visitors. Durability, cost, appearance, and ease of cleaning are some of the primary considerations to make when picking commercial flooring. Terrazzo, quarry tiles, luxury vinyl tiles, epoxy floorings, and rubber floorings make the best choice of industrial floors.

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing; they are also durable, and easy to maintain. Best of all, the materials are non-slip even when wet, lowering the chances of slip injuries. You will have a smooth walking surface that is devoid of holes and punctures.

Samples of laminate and vinyl floor tile

Proper Lighting and Signage

Trips often happen when someone strikes against an object that causes them to lose their balance. Poor lighting is a significant cause of tripping incidents as it makes it nearly impossible for one to identify such hazards. People are likely to stumble and fall if they can see a step or recognise the last level in a series of stairs. The need to cut down your power bills shouldn’t cause you to endanger the lives of your workers and customers.

Many cost-effective lighting options won’t saddle you with hefty bills each month. Proper lighting makes it easy for people to identify and follow the signages scattered around your premises. Just use clear and easily understood signs to warn of potentially dangerous situations.

Espouse High Sanitary Standards

Surprisingly, it doesn’t take much to send a grown person tumbling down, causing them to sustain a life-threatening injury. It could be a small obstacle as a loose cable on the floor, oil spills, or a patch of wetness on the floor. What follows is a catastrophe that denies you the services of one of your top talents and hefty medical bills accompanied by a substantial financial settlement.

With the help of a commercial cleaning service, you can keep your work environment clean, tidy, and safe at all times. You can create an injury-free environment that helps boost productivity and lower your insurance and medical costs.

Trips, slips, and falls might seem like minor incidents, but they have a huge cost implication on your budget. Companies spend more than $15 billion to treat injured workers. By taking the right precautions, you can avoid incurring hefty expenses that come with the rising cases of workplace injuries.

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