Starting a Cleaning Business? Here’s How to Find Your First Clients

Setting up a cleaning business may be a daunting task, but the hardest part of any business is landing your first client. Everyone seems to be on a long contract with their cleaners or are just looking for established cleanup agencies. Finding your first clients for your commercial cleaning company is an opportunity you cannot miss and making an impression can be a challenge. But there are ways upcoming entrepreneurs in the cleaning business can create networks and meet new contacts.

Identify Your Client Niche and Focus on Them

The first step to landing your first commercial cleaning job contract is to identify and define your ideal client. Do you want to work with small office owners or are you looking for contracts with whole building complexes? Are you willing to clean serviced condos or are you just inclined towards industrial complex cleaning? Focusing on a niche will help build your client network and make it easier for you to choose the kind of equipment, supplies, and personnel you would need.

Once you know your potential clients, you can start figuring out crucial things about the demographics:

1. What social media platforms do they use?
2. What kind of marketing material are they most likely to go through?
3. Where can you physically meet them for networking?
4. What are their concerns, frustrations and expectations?

Such specifics help you customize your marketing efforts. Every client you contact will feel special and most likely consider your offer since you will be addressing their problem directly in a way they are willing to listen.

Develop and Constantly Tweak Your Marketing Plan

Once you have identified the market, you can start building brand awareness and work on your marketing plan. You could use brochures and pamphlets for your local marketing, but you should also have an active online presence.

You will need to organize your marketing material with the client in mind. While most people are posting before and after photos, focus on things that an office manager wants to resolve when hiring professional cleaners. This could range from windows, floors, toilets, and even garbage cans.

Do your homework and find out what your target client needs before making your move. The more informed you are, the higher the chances of closing the deal.

Expand and Explore Your Network

Businessman on a call

Another good way to get your first clients is to expand your network. Tell friends, family, acquaintances and business associates that you’ve started a commercial cleaning business. Chances are you might either get someone looking for commercial cleaners or get free marketing by word of mouth. Sometimes, giving an incentive like a commission to people who refer active clients to your new business might instigate more people from your inner circle to promote your services.

All the above strategies are useless if you are not persistent enough to see them through. Starting a business is with the proper marketing plan and connections is essential if you want to succeed. If you work hard building relationships and getting the word out there, you stand a better chance at building a firmer foundation for your new business.

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