Ductless AC Services Your Unit Needs

As this video explains, even ductless mini-splits need maintenance. Upkeeping these handy systems requires regular ductless AC services, such as coil cleaning. HVAC service providers use specially formulated foam cleansers and very low PSI power washing machines to remove dirt and debris from a ductless mini-split system.

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Mini-splits enable a homeowner to use zone heating and cooling to make various areas of their home more comfortable. For example, the homeowner might set the thermostat for a mini-split in the kitchen at five degrees lower than the rest of the house because using the oven or burners raises the room’s temperature. This makes it more comfortable in the room while cooking. A mini-split in the bedroom of an elderly individual lets them set the temperature to five degrees warmer than the rest of the home without using a space heater.

Although handy, ductless systems need regular maintenance, just as duct systems do. For every 400 hours of operation, these systems need a professional maintenance service. That means every two to six months, the system requires maintenance depending on how often the homeowner uses it. Clean the mesh filters and drain pan once per season, and for all other cleaning matters, contact your local HVAC installer for ductless AC services.

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