Questions to Ask Your Residential Roofing Contractor Before a Repair

When you need a residential roofing contractor, you typically need one immediately. That can put pressure on you to hire quickly, but as this video points out, a savvy homeowner interviews roofers first and checks references before hiring. Using this method results in finding a local contractor who you can count on for service work and who offers a lengthy installation warranty.

Ask your friends and family who they use for roofing installations and repairs.

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Doing so can quickly get you a short list of individuals to contact. You will also be able to visit the home and see the work personally, something you can’t typically do with references provided by the roofer.

At most, the process of finding a roofer might take a day, even if you complete all eight steps mentioned in the video. Roofers typically visit a home the same day they’re called to estimate repairs. An emergency roofing repair service responds the same day.

In most situations, the homeowner should obtain at least three repair or installation quotes. Doing so lets them compare qualifications, materials available, and other factors. Labor costs remain the same across the board since unions usually set the local rates. Contact your local residential roofing contractor for more information.

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