How Digital Branding Can Transform Your Business

In this insightful excerpt from the YouTube video “Why is Digital Branding Important?”, the speaker delves into the transformative shift in people’s research habits when selecting service providers. The digitization of information has brought about a significant decline in traditional referrals by 15%, juxtaposed with a remarkable surge of 65% in online research.

During the crucial evaluation stage, a staggering 87% of individuals actively disqualify potential service providers based solely on their digital assets, even before initiating any direct contact. This underscores the profound impact that digital branding has on shaping perceptions and influencing decisions throughout the entire decision-making process.

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The overarching revelation is that a substantial 70% of the decision-making journey is now intricately woven with the fabric of digital branding. It emphasizes the critical importance of establishing a robust online presence to effectively engage and resonate with the target audience.

As a valuable suggestion for those keen on enhancing their digital branding strategies, the video recommends exploring the Visible Firm Course offered by Hinge University. This resource is positioned as a catalyst for developing a compelling and influential digital brand, aligning seamlessly with the evolving landscape of consumer behavior and decision-making.


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