Why is Cybersecurity So Integral to Your Business in 2024?

In the video above, the reporter sheds light on the critical importance of cybersecurity in today’s business landscape. The newly launched cybersecurity services are a strategic response to the escalating cyber threats that our country faces. These services are designed to tackle two pressing challenges: the complexity of the current threat landscape and the severe shortage of skilled professionals.

As highlighted by the reporter, the increasing prevalence of ransomware attacks underscores the urgency of addressing these evolving challenges. The video provides valuable insights into the proactive measures required to navigate and mitigate the risks associated with numerous ransomware groups and unique threat actors actively tracked in the cybersecurity domain.

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Equally significant is the shortage of cybersecurity professionals, with two and a half million open jobs in the field. The reporter emphasizes the critical nature of this talent gap, revealing that nearly one in every three cybersecurity positions in the U.S. remains unfilled.

The approach outlined in the video involves introducing a new category of services under the security experts’ umbrella. This innovative offering seamlessly integrates expert-developed and expert-trained technology with human-led services. The service includes three types of managed services tailored to address specific cybersecurity challenges, providing organizations with a holistic solution to navigate the evolving threat landscape effectively.


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