4 Huge Reasons Divorce Becomes Complicated

Marriage can be tough for many couples that the only logical solution left is to file for divorce. However, even that can be challenging for some. They may not be able to complete the process.

Many factors may contribute to this:

1. Cost of Divorce

Divorce is expensive even if both parties agree to it and thus doesn’t result in a trial. According to Nolo, the average cost of a trial divorce reaches $20,000. If it’s settled, it’s around $10,000.

These high costs may be due to:

  • Lawyer’s fees — In a survey, around 35% of divorce lawyers charge at least $300 an hour. Over 15% said they demand a whopping $400 hourly rate. The national average, meanwhile, is $270.
  • Duration — Sometimes divorce is quick if both parties can negotiate and agree to the terms. Otherwise, the average length is a year.
  • Filing fees — Some states have low filing fees. For example, in Mississippi, it could cost someone $52 to file for divorce. In New York, though, the expense could reach $335, making it one of the priciest states to divorce.
  • Assets, spousal support, and alimony — The more assets are involved, especially real estate, the more likely the divorce costs are high. It may be the same scenario if the other couple demands huge spousal support or alimony.

2. Conflict with Other Parties

Contrary to popular notion, couples need not be at war during the divorce process. In fact, being civil can be advantageous to their pockets. They can avoid trial, which drives the cost of divorce up and lengthens the process. They can also adjust to their new lives more quickly.

But not all divorce proceedings are “easy.” The ex-partner may disappear during the process deliberately to avoid paying spousal support or lawyer’s fees. Others may choose to move on and seek a new life elsewhere without the other person’s knowledge.

In both situations, the divorce process comes to a halt since the missing person has to sign the paperwork. Fortunately, professional services like court filings exist. One may hire a server whose job is to research the location of the ex-partner and serve the papers.

couples filing for divorce (2)

3. Children

Over 50% of divorces involved children, and this can drive the cost to around $12,000. Kids can also make the process more complicated and lengthy:

  • Ex-couples need to discuss the legal and physical custody of the kids.
  • Both also have to talk about the manner in which they want to raise their children. For example, one couple may not agree to the other’s decision to bring the kids elsewhere for education or residence.
  • Kids can also affect where the other parent lives.
  • If the divorce ends up in court, the kids, depending on their age, may need to choose which parent they want to live with.
  • Couples may have to hire more experts, such as psychologists, to determine the ideal financial support to cover the children’s needs or understand the effects of divorce on their lives.

Unfortunately, couples cannot remove the kids from the equation once they go through a divorce. But they can soften the impact of the separation by striving to settle than to bring the matter to court.

4. Changes in Priorities

In some cases, divorce leads to nowhere because either or both couples prefer to move on. Perhaps during the process, they received new opportunities like a job that will uproot them from their home state.

Some couples may agree that divorce may not be necessary at this point. They may be satisfied being legally separated, or they may be thinking of reconciling later. Priorities change, especially when divorce proceedings have been going on for months.

Divorce comes with many challenges. Some may have available solutions, but in the end, only the involved couples have the power to move it forward or end it before it gets resolved.

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