4 Practices That Will Make Employees Feel Valued

More than just money, employees are the true gems of a business, and they shouldn’t be treated like a mere number in the payroll. They should be appreciated and shown respect in the workplace as a sign of gratitude for their hard work.

According to a study, employees who feel appreciated and valued perform better because they are 80% percent more motivated. This also prompts employees to stay in their job.

Showing appreciation to employees can come from the littlest of things like a birthday card or a simple “thank you.” The company can also give incentives to reward best-performing employees. They can also hold parties or plan a corporate travel program.

These aim to lift the spirit of employees and help them cool off some work-related stress.

Take note of birthdays

Since children, we’ve been conditioned that our birthday is our one special day. It’s when we get special treatment and gifts.

Naturally, this carries on until adulthood, and employees would love it if the company does the same. There are different ways a company can celebrate birthdays:

  • A birthday celebration. Buy the cake. Put up decorations. Order some food. It doesn’t have to be a grand birthday party anyway. Just a simple gesture to show the celebrator that it’s her special day.
  • Paid leave. Through this, the employee can spend the day. However, they want without any work-related stress.
  • A birthday card—plus points if personalized. This can show the employee that despite your busy schedule, you allotted a few minutes of your time to purchase a card and write a little message on it.


Incentives motivate employees to achieve more by rewarding their excellent work. Some agreements offer monetary rewards in exchange for accomplishing a certain quantity of work or delivering quality inputs.

However, other rewards are more effective than money. For example, incentive travel programs won’t fail to delight an employee. A sponsored vacation is almost like a dream. Traveling opens the door for relaxation and experience. However, it’s also expensive. Through a company-sponsored trip, employees will not only be motivated, but they will also explore the world outside of their desks.

HR talking to a man

Give feedback

Giving constructive criticism to employees allows them to learn, improve their work, and know that their boss recognizes them. The mentoring that takes place in this process strengthens the bond between the boss and the employee. This builds communication between the two parties, leading to less alienation in the workplace.

This shows employees that they are valued enough that the company is rooting for them to improve in their careers.

Say “Thank you”

Showing gratitude towards employees makes them feel like their work matters in the company. When this happens, employees are more confident in doing their job as this cultivates a sense of accomplishment in their part. This increases productivity in the office. Gratitude increases productivity by 50%, according to research on fundraising calls.

At the end of the day, after the pressure and effort exerted into a job, a simple “thank you” from your boss can make the past 8 hours worthwhile.

Going the extra mile to show appreciation to employees has a ripple effect on the company. It increases satisfaction and productivity. Their value to the company is massive, and they should be made to feel the same.

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