Five Things to Remember When Going on a Motorcycle Road Trip

There’s nothing like a motorcycle road trip to test your patience and endurance. This isn’t like going on a road trip in your car. You don’t have as much storage for your stuff. You don’t even have a backseat to lie on when the road gets too long and you’re tired. With a motorbike road trip, you’re all alone with the machine and a few of your things. You’re exposed to the environmental elements. There isn’t a roof that’s going to protect you from the snow, rain, and sun.

You’re nearer to hiring a motorcycle accident injury lawyer in Denver or other cities when you go on a motorbike road trip. There are all kinds of accidents on the road. If you’re not careful, you may find yourself in one. You need to take a lot of safety precautions when you’re alone on the road. There’s no one to help you change a tire or locate a motel. You’re doing this all by yourself.

Choose Your Ride

You don’t need the coolest bike on the road. You need a comfortable one. If you’re renting a motorbike, look at the handlebars, seats, guards, headlights, and storage capacity. You’ll be taking this bike across state lines. This bike is going to be your best friend for the next few weeks. You need a bike that can provide a smooth and safe ride.

Have a Safety and Repair Kit

Prepare a safety, repair, and emergency kit. If you can’t take anything else, take this kit with you. It should have a couple of screwdrivers and wrenches, bike fluids, Band-Aid, alcohol, flashlight, scissors, energy bars, and extra phone chargers.

Pack Light

motorcycle road trip

There are luggage carriers that you can attach to your bikes. You can choose from saddlebags, tail-bags, and tank bags. All of these can carry enough items to tide you over for a few days. But remember that a bike doesn’t have the capacity of a car. Don’t expect it to carry plenty of winter clothes or packed food. You need to use the available storage smartly. Pack disposable items so that you can shed off weight when you don’t need them anymore.

Dress Appropriately

It is very important to wear fitted clothes when going on a road trip on a bike. Baggy clothes can be uncomfortable in long-distance drives. Most riders wear riding pants, a shirt, ankle boots, a full-face helmet, and a jacket. If you expect to drive on a rough road, take elbow and knee pads with you.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Think carefully about the route you’re going to take. Where are your pit stops? Where can you stay for the night? What kind of weather will be welcoming you when you cross the borders? You should pack according to the weather you expect at your destination. You should also check for road reroutes, constructions, storms, and other elements that can affect your trip.

Going on a motorcycle road trip is the most adventurous trip you can do. It will give you a sense of freedom you won’t experience anywhere else. But you need to keep these things in mind to make the trip as comfortable and as safe as possible.

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