Understanding the Impact of Supporting Local Businesses

Are you aware that small businesses are the backbone of the economy? Do you know that when local businesses thrive, the national economy thrives, too? You can impact how well your local economy is by buying locally. Why should you take your children to fast-food restaurants when they can enjoy a nice home-cooked meal by a local diner? Why would you want to do your grocery shopping from a national chain than your local market where the cashier knows you by name?

Would you look for a taxation compliance attorney from out of state? Or do you trust someone from your community? Do you trust a dentist from 30 miles away, or do you go to someone you’ve known since you’re a kid? Local businesses are great because they treat you like family. No one else does customer service better than local businesses.

Creating Local Jobs

No matter what you see in Hollywood films about how large conglomerates control the U.S. government, local businesses are still the heart of the American economy. Local businesses make up 99% of U.S. employers. Since the last recession, small businesses created 67% of new jobs created. The explanation is as simple as this: Supporting local businesses means supporting the creation of local jobs in your community. That has a direct effect on you.

Bringing Communities Together

Who was your pediatrician growing up? If you still live in the same area, won’t you want to take your kids now to the same doctor? What fond memories do you have about the local diner in town? Isn’t it amazing how these local businesses played a huge role in all Sunday family dinners? You might even still be going to the same hangout place you went to with your high school friends. That sense of nostalgia will never go away. It will only strengthen as the years go by.

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Supporting the Dreams of Your Neighbor

Everyone is dreaming of making it big on their own. Not everyone has the courage to start pursuing those dreams. Buying locally means supporting the dreams of your neighbor. The products created by these local businesses are born out of their passion and dedication. They put their heart and soul into creating these masterpieces. You show respect by buying their products and not asking for a discount because you are neighbors.

Protecting the Environment

Sometimes, it is as simple as this: When you buy locally, you protect the environment because you don’t need to drive far. You might not even need your car at all. You can walk or bike to the establishment. That saves hundreds of gallons. That reduces air pollution and the depletion of natural resources.

Let your community know how to support local businesses. They should be aware of how they are impacting the local economy by buying locally. Inspire them to support the dreams of the community members. When there is unity in the community, families grow closer. The children will grow up knowing that there’s a huge community of families encouraging them to pursue their dreams. That will boost their sense of self and their well-being.

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