Bands that Rock It with the Piano

The piano might be seen by some as an instrument to play classical music, but it is versatile enough to be used in other genres. You can hear it in jazz and even in pop music. If you think that you can make a career out of it or just do it as a hobby, you can get some piano lessons in Tampa. You will get competent educators who will help you learn to tickle those ivory keys in no time.

Throughout music history, musical greats have used the piano as their primary instrument. One of the most recognizable is Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis. It is a rock-and-roll ditty that can make anyone jump out of their seat and start dancing. Here are some modern rock artists who have put the piano front and center in their songs.


Keane is a band from the UK, and they debuted with their album titled Hopes and Fears back in 2004. They have been stable in British music and have also enjoyed international success with songs like Everybody’s Changing and Somewhere Only We Know. You can describe their sound as having melodic verses that lead to a soaring chorus.

Tim Rice-Oxley is the primary songwriter and the guy on the keys, and Tom Chaplin accompanies him on vocals, Richard Hughes on drums, and Jesse Quin on bass. The latter was a later addition. For their first two albums, Keane performed as a three-piece band. They have played with Quin from the fourth and onwards.

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The Fray

Isaac Slade is one of the two founders of the band called The Fray, and he mans the piano and provides lead vocals in their songs. The other is Joe King on guitars. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, the band produces songs of the pop-rock variety with emotional lyrics. Their catalog includes upbeat tracks like Over My Head and power ballads like How to Save a Life.

Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses had some big hits back in the 1990s, producing classic tunes like Sweet Child O’ Mine and Welcome to the Jungle. As a hard rock band, you mostly will hear heavy guitar riffs and booming drum beats. But their song November Rain showcased singer Axl Rose’s skills on the piano. This is a power ballad that is almost nine minutes long, which is enough to showcase each member’s skills on their respective instruments.

The White Stripes

This duo, composed of Jack and Meg White, was prominent in the 2000s. They have already disbanded and have not been active since 2011. Their first two albums, White Blood Cells and Elephant, have a distinct lo-fi garage sound. Jack provides lead vocals and also plays the guitar and piano in most of their songs, and he has Meg on drums accompanying him. Their songs are usually slanted toward alternative and folk-rock, but White is also heavily influenced by blues music. You can hear this on songs like Doorbell and The Denial Twist.

Who says that you can’t rock out using the piano? These artists are great examples that contradict that statement. As long as you have passion and creativity, you can make any instrument produce beautiful tunes.

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