Incorporating Blue to Your Garden: What Can You Do?

Classic Blue is the Pantone Color Institute’s pick to be the Color of The Year for 2020. The company explains that this color instills calmness and connection. It’s not surprising to see blue in many homes’ interiors. Designers describe blue as the new gray, which has been a popular choice among modern homes.

This year, you won’t only see blue in the interior because you can also bring it outside. The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) says adding shades of blue is one of the top trends in landscaping in 2020.

In landscapes, you would normally see a lot of greens, wood colors, and a touch of reds and yellows from different flowers. But blue adds an interesting detail to your garden, as well. It can also give your outdoor space the feeling of calmness or tranquility.

To enhance your outdoor space, here are three ways you can add blue elements.

Give Your Garden A Splash of True-Blue Blooms

Plants with blue flowers can be difficult to find. You’ll likely see blooms in lavender and purple colors than blue. But there are several true blue plants to choose from, including

  • Delphinium – they are a wildflower variety that stand tall, giving your garden some height. Give it support so it has something to lean on.
  • Love in a Mist – these annuals have a whimsical appearance because of its dill-like foliage surrounding the flower. They bloom in spring and you can grow them in a variety of soils, but it’s ideal in rich, fertile soil.
  • Gentians – they come in hundreds of species, and not all of them are blue. The blue varieties, however, can add a beautiful pop of color to your garden.

You can consult professionals to help you get the landscaping supplies that you need for your gardening project. Consider the climate in your area and your planting condition to find the blue plant for your garden.

Decorate Your Outdoor Space with Something Blue

landscape design

In case you can find blue-colored plants, or don’t have the time to do some gardening work, another way to add blue elements to your landscape is through decorations. The decors can be functional or purely decorative.

You can start by using pots with different kinds of blue. Choose the shades that would complement the plants and other elements in your outdoor space. If you want to create a space where you can spend time with your family or friends, you can incorporate blue to your color scheme using pieces of furniture, like chairs, sofas, or tables. Combining it with orange, yellow, or wood tones create a beautiful contrast.

Add A Water Feature to Your Garden

Don’t limit yourself by only focusing on adding the blue color to your outdoor space. Another way to add a blue element to your landscape is by investing in a water feature, it can be a pool, a pond, or a fountain, depending on the space and budget you have.

This option, however, can cost you more than the others. But with the right design and maintenance, it will be worth it. Consult a landscape professional to help you decide on what water feature fits your property well. Consider your lifestyle, as well, to make sure you can maintain it for a long time.

Your landscape is an essential part of your home. Adding a touch of blue to it gives a beautiful extension of your home where you can relax alone or with your family and friends during the warmer months.

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