Easy and Affordable Ways to Spruce up Your Office Space

Your office is affecting the way you’re working. Don’t believe it? Look internally. How do you feel when you’re in a nice place such as a quaint and picturesque café or a grand hotel ballroom? Don’t you feel empowered? How do you feel when you’re in a corner diner with sticky countertops and peeling seat cover? Your office space has a huge impact on your productivity levels, so redecorate it with these simple and affordable tips:


The first thing that you should do is to hang photos and achievements using wall brackets. The photos are for yourself. You want to see your family, the people you’re working hard for. The achievements—diplomas and certificates—are for your clients. You want them to know that they are trusting one of the best in the industry. You’re the real deal, and your achievements seem to scream.


The simplest way to spruce up an office is to put plants. You’ll want bigger and taller plants if you have space. They are more decorative. You can put succulent plants on your windowsill. Just make sure to water them regularly and remove them from direct sunlight. The presence of plants doesn’t only remove toxins from the air, but they also reduce stress, anxiety, and respiratory problems.

Air Freshener

Don’t just use the air freshener in your car. Invest in an essential oil diffuser. It’s more expensive than an ordinary air freshener, but it has health benefits that can improve your memory and productivity levels. A Japanese company recently made a study on how the smell of the office affects the accuracy of their typists. About 54% made fewer errors with a lemon-scented office and 33% fewer with jasmine scent in the air.


This does not mean a framed photo of an eagle soaring high with an inspirational quote beneath it. No, that’s not art. That’s something else, but that’s definitely not art. Choosing the right art can dramatically transform a space. It doesn’t have to be an expensive art, but it needs to have a calming effect on you and the whole office space. You can even download a free photo from the Internet, and have it blown up, resized, matted, printed, and framed.

Natural Light

Hopefully, you have access to a window. Open the blinds or curtains during the day when the sun isn’t too harsh. Let natural light in because a dimly lit office is no space for work. If you don’t have access to a window, try installing skylights. Or you can go all the way and repaint the walls with neutral colors. That will give your office the illusion of space and light.


A bookshelf in your office makes it more elegant and gorgeous. Even if you are not big on books, you can still appreciate the presence of books in the room. They create a warmer and homey feeling. You can use the bookshelf as a divider if you have a large office space that can also be turned into a meeting area.

You don’t have to spend much to improve your office. A couple of dollars here and there can spruce up your office’s design. Creativity and resourcefulness will create a happier and more productive office.

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