Underrated Heroes During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted our personal, social, and professional lives. We were forced to quarantine at home. Whenever we need to go out, we’re required to wear personal protective equipment and practice social distancing.

However, there are people out there who continue to work. They braved the threats of the virus. Healthcare workers are treating the sick on the frontlines. We’ve been heralding them as modern heroes, as we should.

Yet we must not forget over fifteen million American frontline workers who kept our economy somewhat afloat by continuing to deliver goods and services. They made sure that as the world stood still and fought the virus, people will always have food, and public spaces will always be clean.

As many of us transition to remote working, we must recognize that some could not. Their stories tell us the resilience people can have amid various crises. We should thank these people for ensuring that we can stay at home, safe and sound.


It’s always been the farmers’ duty to ensure that food will be available to us. But because of COVID-19, it’s been more important to ensure food security. With a deadly virus in the air, having enough to eat should be the least of our worries.

Farmers tended to their crops and provided supplies of meat, poultry, and dairy. They may have struggled with keeping the grocery shelves filled. But their efforts should not go unnoticed.

Store Clerks

Many people have transitioned to online shopping for essentials. But grocery, convenience, and drug stores kept their doors open. They endured the hustle and bustle caused by customers’ panic-shopping. They faced irate customers and remained calm as they explained why the shelves aren’t as full-stocked.

The next time you visit the store, always recognize that the clerks maintained proper customer service amid the pandemic.

Food Service Personnel

The restaurant industry took a huge hit from the pandemic. It caused restaurants to board up their branches when quarantine restrictions were enforced. But that doesn’t mean that they completely shut down their operations. Many of them transitioned to delivery service.

On nights when you feel too trapped at home, comfort food seems like the best thing to give you peace of mind. So always thank the restaurants that continue to serve your cravings during these trying times.

Factory Workers


Even with the threat of the virus, many workers still went on with their work. They ensured that food and other goods will still be available to us. Ordering our groceries online only took a few taps on our phone. But it’s the factory workers that built our needs, packaged them, and sent them to us.

We especially have to thank the workers who manufactured our personal protective equipment. The world goes through millions (if not billions) of face masks, gloves, and hazmat suits every day. It’s impossible to ensure our safety without them. ; ;

Courier Service Personnel

Along with factory workers are the courier service personnel. They brought our wants and needs straight to our doorsteps. Staying at home instead of going out on a Saturday night is harder than it sounds. You’ve probably found yourself bored, lonely, and riddled with pent-up energy. So you turned to online shopping for books. Perhaps you ordered a Nintendo Switch so you could hop in on the Animal Crossing bandwagon.

So the next time you receive a delivery, be sure to thank the courier that may have traveled for miles the night before.

Cleaning Crew

Even if fewer people went outside, our streets were still cleaned. Trash was always collected. Door handles, railings, and switches in public buildings were always sanitized with hospital-grade disinfectants.

Quarantine restrictions didn’t stop the cleaning crew in our neighborhoods. They knew that their job is more crucial than ever. Making sure that everything is sanitized keeps the virus away and the people safe.

Transit Workers

Amid the pandemic, bus drivers, train operators, cab drivers, and Uber and Lyft drivers continue to work. They made sure that health workers and other frontline workers get to work every day. Night or day, they are there, ready to support their fellow frontline workers.

As we fight against the virus and help the economy recover, we must recognize the heroes that make it possible to go on with our everyday lives. There are many ways we can thank them. We can donate to various nonprofits that advocate for their welfare. We can campaign for their proper compensation. We can look them in the eye and thank them for their service. We can do anything to let them know that we see them and that we are grateful for their efforts.

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